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Kiyojute Ryu is a total martial art system composed of six general principles. They are Aikiho, the harmonious principle; Juho, the yielding principle; Goho, the strength principle; Bukiho, weapons principle; Nimpo, patience principle; and Shuho, taking principle. These six principles form the art of Shogei Toitsu Kempo, which is the foundation art of Kiyojute Ryu.

Classes are held twice a week, and each student may attend two 2-hour classes per week, which count for hours towards testing. A student must have a minimum of 50 class hours in order to test. Also, a student may test for kyu ranks only once every 6 months.

For students attending Kempo classes, there is no additional charge for Tai Chi.


Classes are held at:

Keithshire Place (Clays Mill Shopping Center)

570 Delzan Place, Dancer's Studio

Mondays and Fridays 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Tai Chi:  Saturdays 9:00 - 10:00am

Questions? Call (859) 229-8516


Goals and benefits of Kempo Training:

Physical fitness and mastery

Mental awareness

Spiritual peace of mind

Self-defense capabilities



Dr. Thomas B. Griswold is the chief instructor at Goshin Kan. He is Shihan Sichidan (master, seventh degree black belt). Dr. Griswold's primary instructor is Shodai Soke, founder of Kiyojute Ryu, Dr. William P. Durbin. Individuals of all shapes and sizes can train with us. No previous martial arts training is necessary. Women are especially encouraged to attend classes.

No sparring/No Competitions/No contracts!

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