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Sirius-Trek is a small hobby kennel located in southern Kentucky. At this time, I only breed sable and white shelties. My goal is to breed dogs that will win in the show ring, but will also be top competitors in the performance events. Health and temperament are top priorities, and I do test my dogs for genetic diseases.

I keep only a small number of dogs, so each dog is house trained, and receives agility training. All are house dogs, at least part of the time. They must rotate staying in the house, but those that are in the kennels are comfortable. My kennels are air-conditioned and heated, and each dog has a large run. During the day, if the weather is nice, they get to run free in large fenced areas.

For more information on my dogs, please email me. Visitor's are always welcome at Sirius-Trek. I love to show off my dogs. (G)

My Dogs

At the Bridge

Ch Sirius Stormin' The Course CGC

Ch Raven's All You Need Is Love

Adopting a dog requires commitment. Please read "How Could You" by Jim Willis




 MACH Sirius-Trek Kaci, CGC, FX


Dogs Bred By Sirius-Trek