Saint X HorseFly's Micro Heros

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 A Nightmare on Elm St.
 Alternative Justice League
 Aquaman & Allies
 Batman, Friends & Foes
 Blue Beetle
 Captain America
 Captain Marvel Family
 Captains of the World Team
 Chubby Heros
 Duck Invasion !
 Extreme P-Nutz
 Fantastic Four
 Friday the 13ths
 G.I. Joe
 Green Arrow
 Green Lantern Corps
 Heros Redesigned
 Insight Cable Technicians
 Justice Lord Design
 Kingdom Come
 Masters of the Universe
 Micro 'Halloween' Heros
 Power Girl
 Power Rangers
 Red Hood
 Star Wars - Byzantine Style
 Star Wars Galaxies: MMORPG
 Star Wars Universe
 Superman & more
 Teen Titans / The Titans
 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
 The Greatest American Hero
 TRON as a Disk Golfer
 Wizard of OZ
 Wonder Woman and Friends
 Zodiac Twelve

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Welcome To Saint X HorseFly's home for Micro Heros. Here you will see all the individual little pieces of art, all customized by HorseFly. Feel free to look around, and please sign the guest book, and leave a comment or two. This site is new, and currently under massive construction, so please come back often.

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