Dragonball Z PP Part 21 Checklist

This series features scenes from the late portion of the Cell story arc. All cards have dark blue, burgundy, green, or black borders. The top border has the power level; the lower picture border has the DBZ logo, with the card number and caption underneath.

The set range is: 891/932
891/926: regulars
927/932: prisms
Also, four duplicate regular cards, printed on lenticular stock, were inserted into each pull-pack. The paper on these cards has a linen-like appearance, and the holo design consists of moving rows of dots.
To see a gallery of various PP cards, including PP 21, click here . Also, click on an underlined card to see its picture.
All prism cards are listed in bold italics.

891. Group (Yamcha, Trunks, Bulma, Kamesennin, etc.)
892. Cell
893. Super Saiyan Gohan
894. Super Saiyan Gohan (reading)
895. Trunks & Piccolo
896. Krillin
897. Super Saiyan Gokou
898. Mr. Satan (same artwork as Hero Coll #132)
899. Dende & Popo
900. Cell
901. Trunks, Tenshinhan, Yamcha
902. The Z Soldiers
903. Trunks & Super Saiyan Gokou
904. Piccolo
905. Super Saiyan Gohan vs Cell Jr
906. Cell Jr.
907. Super Saiyan Gohan
908. Tenshinhan & Yamcha vs Cell Jr
909. Android No. 16
910. Super Saiyan Gohan
911. Krillin & Super Saiyan Gokou
912. Cell
913. Cell vs Super Saiyan Gokou
914. Cell vs Super Saiyan Gokou
915. Cell Jrs
916. Cell vs Super Saiyan Gohan
917. Cell Jr vs Krillin
918. Super Saiyan Gohan
919. Super Saiyan Gokou
920. Cell
921. Tao Pie Pie
922. Dende
923. Cell
924. Super Saiyan Gokou
925. Super Saiyan Gokou
926. Super Saiyan Gohan
927. Cell
928. Karin & Super Saiyan Gokou
929. Gyumaoh (Ox-King), Krillin , Super Saiyan Gokou, Chichi
930. Krillin, Piccolo, Super Saiyan Gohan
931. Super Saiyan Gokou
932. Super Saiyan Gohan

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