We Have a Winner!

Championship Review

     Born as the second son of legendary Saints quarterback Archie Manning, Peyton entered this world with the pressure to win the big one that his father never did. From his initial draft onto the team that would soon be known as “his”, through his first 2-14 season and right up until today he has been blamed for every shortcoming of his team. But finally he would get the chance he always wanted, to put everything on him with a championship on the line.
     With 2:17 showing on every clock and more than 60,000 fans sitting in dead silence, number 18 walked across the blades of artificial grass and took his place in the huddle. Minutes later he would take his place in history. With just 4 throws and merely 24 seconds Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts moved the ball from their own 20 to the Patriots 11. Then Peyton would cement his AFC title and destroy the monkey on his back by becoming a decoy. After handing off twice to not only gain yards but also limit the time remaining for comeback hero Brady, Everyone knew Peyton would put it on himself to win the game. Imagine the amazement the Patriots must have felt watching Joseph Addai run right past them for the game winning score.
     Thirty-six seconds later Tom Brady would throw an interception effectively sealing the Colts victory.
     In a thrilling game from start to finish we were able to see two fumbles recovered in the end zone by offensive linemen, an interception returned for a touchdown, a defensive lineman catching a touchdown and an incredible catch on a 2-point conversion. Now it is time for the Colts offense versus the Bears defense for the title of Super Bowl Champion. We can only hope that it can live up to the thrill of the conference championship games that preceded it.

Top Ten things I've learned From Marriage

     Okay, I realize this a sports website, but it's my sports website so I can pretty much put up whatever I want :-)

     10. Not all clothes can go into the dryer.
     9. Attending every United States Baseball Park is not top priority on everyone's list.
     8. Some people like cats.
     7. When dividing laundry there are more piles than just colors and whites.
     6. Phone calls can last more than 10 minutes, or sometimes several hours!
     5. Turning on the evening news does NOT mean flipping the six o'clock edition of Sports Center
     4. You can never have enough closet space.
     3. Every meal does not require a half pound of meat.
     2. Keeping warm blankets all over the house is a must!
     1. Shopping is not just a chore, it can also be something done for fun and relaxation?!?!

(This will be here all year!)