We have a Winner!

Champion 2005!

There is a Heaven!
by: Greg Plunkett

        Every human is born with this innate belief that good always wins. We have slogans that promote this belief, such as “Cheaters never prosper”. The problem with this belief is that it is simply not true in this world. Proof that this is not true reminds us that there is a better place. This is why nearly all Cincinnati sports fans believe in heaven. It is important to believe in a place better than this. A place where Kenyon Martin gets back up and shakes it off, a place where Carson Palmer comes running out of the locker room to start the second half, a place where Griffey plays 160 games a season and always has 50 homeruns.
        Cincinnati fans dream of this more and more, as the last championship season drifts farther into the background. Since the Reds went wire-to-wire in 1990, they have made it back to the playoffs only once. Since 1990 the Bearcats have lost in the elite eight 3 times, lost #1 National rankings 3 times, and lost the best player in the nation once. Since 1990 the Bengals have made the playoffs twice, and the AFC title game never.
        The worst of all this is knowing that you could have done it. When Kenyon got hurt in 1999 it was obvious that Cincinnati couldn’t be touched. The champion that year was Michigan State, who had an average year. Sadly Kenyon couldn’t come back, his four years were up and he was off to the NBA. This year watching that team out east make it to the AFC title is sickening. Knowing how much better you are than them, knowing that you could have had home field in the AFC title, knowing that their fans will remind you about it all next year.

        But there is hope…in the NFL you can play as many seasons as you want. Carson is signed up until 2014. In 2014 I’ll be 34, and probably have children who can tell you all of his career stats :). Eight years to build, eight years to go to the playoffs, eight years until the Steelers have a chance at winning the division! Eight years without Betis, eight years with a defense! Remember…Madieu will be back…the draft is coming…the entire offense returns…Nate Webster, Odell Thurman, Brian Simmons on the field at the same time…Domination is coming! Next year is the year we go…BACK…to the playoffs! Next year will be different!

        WHO DEY!!!

Cincinnati April 2005

Cincinnati December 2005!