Synchronizing the Carburetor and Adjusting the Idle Mixture:



Synchronizing the carb is something I decided to do myself since I did not want to spend money at the dealer to have it done.  I researched it on the internet, especially the Shadow Rider Forum.  There I came across Post # 21898.1 by Rick Magalotti, whose excellent description the following is based on with minor changes.  It's a post from 2000 so unless you are a Delphi Plus member, you won't find it.  I took the liberty of reproducing some of his writing here.  It is really not that difficult and the most expensive item is the carb synchronization manometer.  I bought mine from Dennis Kirk for about $45 and the kit comes complete with all you need.  The following describes the step-by-step procedure with pictures following that.






Carb sync manometer with hoses.




Long and short adaptors.  The long ones will be the ones you need.




3/8" hose with hose connector to attach tank to bike fuel line.





Left cylinder.  Location of the vacuum screw which you have to remove and replace with the long adaptor.



Right cylinder location of vacuum screw.  If you have the Cobra chrome cover, you'll need to remove it.


Location of the adjustment screw.



This is the setup I use to work on the bike.  I drilled a couple of holes in the concrete floor of my carport so I can insert a couple of eye-bolts to tie the straps to.  It keeps the bike upright and secure when working on it.




This is how I connect the hose from the fuel tank to the fuel intake on the bike.



Connection of the manometer hoses to the bike.


This is the setup during the carb synchronization.






There is an idle mixture adjustment screw on each carb.  The pictures below show where they are.  From the factory they are plugged with a soft plug which you need to drill out.  There are two ways to do this.  First, use a small bit, 1/8" or so, and carefully drill a hole in the center of the plug.  Then use a small screw driver to adjust.  This way you still have the plug in there and the mixture screw cannot fall out.  Or you can remove the plug completely by screwing a sheet metal screw in the small hole and using a pair of pliers work out the plug to expose the screw.  Either way, with my setup (V+H exhaust, K+N filter and DAJ) I backed my screws out to 3-1/2 turns.  This seems to work ok.  Popping is limited to hard decels after a long, full throttle run or hard acceleration. 




Left cylinder mixture screw location.  I drilled my plug out completely.  After adjustment, I replugged the hole with a green play dooh type of stuff my kids had (read about it on the Shadow Riders Forum).  It's the sticky stuff you can stick posters to the wall with.  Works great and is still pliable after 6 month.  Just a safety precaution to stop the screw backing out but at 3-1/2 turn you probably won't have a problem.  By the way, this picture also shows the idle adjustment thumb wheel and the green hose is the fuel line for the DAJ.



This is the idle mixture screw location on the right side.




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