Forward Controls:

Jardine FWD Controls.  These were the only controls I found for the Spirit after getting the bike.  They are fairly pricey (around $500).  They fit well and are made of chromed aluminum with a black steel mount.  They move the foot position up and forward from stock but provide a comfortable riding position.  They are well made except for the shifter hinge pin which broke off due to poor welding.  After rewelding properly, no more problems.  The only other poorly designed aspect are the rubber o-rings on the footpegs which were of poor quality and wore out after only about 300 miles.  Replacements were hard to find and I ended up using rings cut from a radiator hose which have lasted fairly well and make a cheap replacement.  The chrome finish is good and has shown no blemishes after almost two years.  The only thing I never really got used to is the size.  They are massive and stick out quite a bit.  Always thought they looked like grasshopper legs!




Highwayman FWD Controls.  Towards the end of last year (2001) I discovered a web site which advertised controls for the Spirit, among others ( ).  The looked more like the controls I was after and I finally got them after Christmas.  They make them as ordered and took about 5 weeks to get.  I like the riding position better than the Jardine's as it moves the pegs forward only.  The chrome finish is good and they fit well other than a few minor items.  They come with pegs as shown on the web site but I bought my own as I did not like the ones they come with.   I had to buy the mounting clevis as well as the pegs.  If you don't get the pegs, the controls come with two holes to mount the pegs, one 1/2" diameter and one 3/8" diameter.  I used the 3/8" hole on the brake side to make a break lever stop as none is provided.  This makes the brake adjustment easier.  On the shifter side I bought a 3/8" chrome hole plug at Lowe's to cover up the hole.   Overall, I think these controls look better.  Cost is similar to the Jardines if you get the lever upgrade and buy a good set of pegs.  BTW, they come with 4-1/2" and 6-1/2" of peg displacement.  I have a 32" in-seam and the 4-1/2" were perfect. 

The brake and shifter pegs shipped with the controls don't match the footpegs but I will replace them with the ones from the Jardine which match pretty well to the footpegs.  Also note the alternate mount for the brake light switch.

Note that this is as far forward as the shifter lever can be adjusted as delivered.  I did cut about 1/4" of each end of the shifter link and it put the shifter pedal right where I like it.  

One thing I changed was to replace the push on cap provided to hold the levers on the shaft with a washer and cotter pin after drilling a hole thru the pin.  I was worried that the caps would eventually come off.

This is the final look with the matching small pegs from the Jardines.

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