Changing the Coolant:

Replacing the coolant is a fairly simple job.  You need to drain the coolant in the engine and in the reserve tank.  First, you need to take the tank and right fork cover off to access the radiator cap. Undo the radiator cap and drain the engine coolant by removing the bolt near the side stand.  Then drain the reserve tank by undoing the drain hose.  The pictures below show where these are.  Plug everything back up and refill with new coolant. I bought the premixed coolant from the dealer although you can mix your own if you want to save a few bucks.   I bought three quart but only used two.  Fill the up the engine via the radiator cap and then fill the reserve tank to the upper limit line.  The manual says to warm up the engine and then snap the throttle a few times to bleed air from the system.  Check the reserve tank and fill up if needed.  That's all there's to it.

This is the drain for the engine coolant.

Drain for the reserve tank.

Closeup of  reserve tank drain.


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