Universal Vista Cruise Throttle Lock:

Gadget's web site has great instructions on installation of this.

Install was easy.  Just follow Gadget's instructions.

I mounted it in this position rather than over the top of the switch housing after a tip from someone on the VRF.  I find it easier to use this way.  You just need to file off the two tits on the cross bar mount pad nearest the switch housing and cut the cross bar at the threaded end about 1/8" to make everything fit snug.

Update 12/2008:

I never liked the bar across the switch housing and decided to make a bracket to clean up the look of the cruise control.  Below are pictures of the bracket I came up with:

This is what I started with.  Simple to make.

This is the final bracket.  Trial and fitting and some grinding and filing will make the final bracket.

The bracket is held by the bolt holding spacer for the throttle cables under the switch housing.

Use a bolt and lock nut to hold the lever.

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