LED Brake Light Bar:

Gadgets web site has an easy and cheap LED brake light bar solution.  I found the light bars he recommended at Advance Autoparts (actually got lucky and found two in the discount bin for $5 each where normally they are ~$20 each).  The units are fairly solid and I mounted it the same way as the Hoglite I've been looking at too but at a fraction of the price.  I drilled a couple of small holes in the bottom of the tour pack for the mounting bolts and one for the wire.  I ran the wires to the connector I already had installed for the tour pack side lights and then to the brake light wire under the seat.  I bought the resistors and diodes at Radio Shack.  Total cost for this is about $9.  The unit works great and provides good braking and running lights, especially at night.  It can also be mounted like a spoiler on top of the tour pack lid.  I may add the second unit that way later.

The strips as purchased.

I took it apart and reassembled it with silicone sealer on all connections to keep out moisture.

The soldered connections with the resistor and diode per Gadget's instructions.

Mounted on the tour pack.  I used loctite on all bolts so they can't vibrate loose.  

I used a computer power connector for the tour pack lights so I can add other lights later if I feel like it.



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