Tachometer Installation:

I like gauges and a tach is a nice big one to have on your instrument panel...LOL.  I had one left over from my Shadow and just had to hook it up.  Excellent installation instructions are on Gadget's web site so I won't repeat them.

Below are a couple of picture of the wiring and final installation.

Headlight bucket.  One of the two connectors below the headlight connector is a handy ground.

I soldered the light and power wires to one of the running lights.  Cover with heat-shrink tubing to isolate the connection.

Wire connected.  Note the ground connection on the right.  I used a bullet connector to make things easy.

I managed to connect to the coil without having to move the tank.  I connected to the left side coil to the terminal nearest you as you look under the left side of the tank.  With a needle nose plier, you can remove the connector.  I made this two-into-one connector and connected the tach wire and coil wire to the coil.

I took the tank of for another mod and this is what it looks like connected to the coil.  I put a piece of heat shrink tubing around the connectors to protect them. 

I used a 1" P-clamp by Kuryakin to mount the tach to the handlebars.  Clearance becomes an issue and I had to adjust the location to just miss the speedo housing.  The tach's black face doesn't match the speedo but maybe for Christmas I'll get a white one!

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