Headwinds Spotlight Installation:

I initially installed a set of Kuryakin spots but had a lightbar left from my Shadow.  This was from Headwinds and included a set of spots and turnsignals as a unit.  After bit of studying and playing with various parts I had left over, I installed the Headwinds units and prefer this over the Kury's since each side now has a second turn signal.  The spots I connected thru the relay and wiring I already had in place. The turn signals each had a single wire with ground thru the housing and engine guards, and these I routed to the headlight and soldered to the turn signal wires. 

Lightbar and lights from the Shadow

I used the P-clamp to hold the unit.  Everything is mounted good and solid.  I didn't drill the engine guards for wiring.  You never know, I'm always tinkering and may change my mind again one day!

The extra turn signal is quite a bit brighter than stock and so should help greatly with visibility.


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