Remove Baffle from Stock Muffler:

After the "Dutch Bypass" mod I wanted a bit more volume from the exhaust and decided to try removing the baffle which is described in detail on Gadget's web site.  However, after studying the process described, something didn't make sense.  I had done the same mod on my Shadow with a hole saw and the baffle came right out.  Why drill out a donut and then cut the inner pipe to get the baffle out?  Looking at the photos of the exhaust on Gadget's site and taking some measurements myself (the drain hole at the rear of the mufflers helped get the spacing between the inner and outer pipe) I drew it to scale and figured a 2" hole saw ought to work and make the process a lot simpler.

This is what I figured the end of the mufflers looked like.  

A 2" hole saw ought to cut between the inner, small pipe with the baffle and the inner pipe of the two on the outside.  The end of the muffler is basically all welds where the three pipes join but if you drill between the inner, small pipe and the inner of the outer two pipes with a diameter large enough so the baffle with fit through, it ought to work.  

Well, it did work.  The baffle was free once I drilled thru the end of the muffler and pulled right out.  Once set up, it was a 5 minute process to drill it out.  Below are some pictures of the process.

First, make a plug to fit in the end of the small pipe.  I used a 2x2 and ground it round on the grinder until it fit tight in the inner pipe.  Make sure the end is larger so it can't slip into the pipe when you're drilling.  The purpose of this plug is to keep the hole saw centered and stop it wobbling around.

Hammer the plug into the pipe and mark the center.  Then get your drill with the hole saw.  Make sure to get a hole saw that is designed to cut metal.  You'll be drilling thru stainless steel about 1/4".  You'll need a fairly powerful drill too.  To drill stainless steel, you need to keep the rpms down and put a lot of pressure on the bit.  I took the mufflers off the bike which made things a lot easier. You'll need lubricant too.  I used lots of WD-40.

Once you drill thru, the inner pipe is loose and just pushed in.  It is not welded to the first baffle in the muffler.

Reach in with some needle nose pliers and pull out the small, inner pipe.

This is what you'll pull out.  It's about 1-3/4" in diameter and 10" long.

A look into the muffler.  What you see is the first of the three baffles inside the muffler.  I stopped at this point.  The bike now has a deep roar and the sound is exactly what I wanted... Not too loud but now it sounds like a heavy cruiser should.  I taped off the end of the muffler to protect the chrome and sprayed some black high temp paint on the ends to clean it up.

This is a sound clip of the Dutch Bypass and Stock Baffle Removal Combo......


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