Reed Valve Removal / "Coaster" Installation:

One common and fairly cheap (about $22) mod is to remove the Reed valves at the front and rear cylinders.  This cleans up the look of the engine and removes some hoses and clutter on top of the cylinders.  If you've done some exhaust mods, it may also cure the backfiring or popping you can now hear with the louder, less restrictive exhaust.  I plan to replace the "goat belly" so I figured I'd do this now.  I got the "coaster" plates from Cruiser Customizing for about $22.  Excellent instructions and explanations are given on Gadget's web site.  Below are some pictures of my installation.  One note is that Gadget mentions that the 1600's may have wiring connecting to the air vacuum valve versus a tube connection to the throttle body on the 1500's.  My 2006 Nomad had the tube connection and thus the connection at the throttle body had to be plugged using one of the plugs supplied with the "coaster" kit.

The "Coaster" kit


The front Reed valve hose removed and bolts loosened.



The Reed valve assembly and gaskets.

The "Coaster" plate installed on rear cylinder.

One vital step is removing the vacuum hose from the right "air cleaner" backing plate and plugging the hole to prevent unfiltered air entering the fuel system.  I took the backing plate off before thinking about how to plug the hole.  As it turned out, I found a plug that I could have installed without the removal but it was less messy that way as you'll see below.  If you can find the right plug, you may not need to remove the backing plate.

Backing plate removed.

I found this nifty plug among my "stuff".

It fit perfectly but I used some silicone glue to make sure there will be no leaks.  After plugging the hole, reinstall everything.

The air vacuum valve to be removed is between the frame and front cylinder.  I got the hose going to the rear Reed valve off without problem but couldn't reach the clip on the front hose, so left it alone.  Trace the small hose to the throttle body where you'll have to install one of the plugs supplied in the kit.

I managed to wriggle out the valve and attached hoses as shown without too much trouble.

This shows the nozzle at the end of the small hose which will have to be plugged.  Remove one of the connectors and it will be easier to access.

Plug is installed.  You'll need your needle nose pliers for this and some patience.  I put one of the hose clips on too to make sure it does not work loose.

This is the stuff you will remove.  I labeled everything in the unlikely case I want to ever reinstall it.


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