Speedo Healer Installation:

Installation of the Speedo Healer unit is covered in excellent detail here and here so I won't repeat the instructions.  Below are just some pictures of the installation on an '06 Nomad and where I mounted the unit.

Remove shifters, floorboard and left engine cover.

Left engine cover.

Where unit will connect.

This is how the connections will arrive in the kit.  Stock wire colors vary from year to year so they leave these off so you can match them to your model.  The only wire that seems to be consistent is the black ground.

This is the connection with the sensor.  On my model, the connections are as follows:

Sensor Plug (Black Female)                           Speedo-Healer Plug (White Male)

        Black                        ------------------>                    Black

        Pink                         ------------------>                    White

        Orange/Red              ----------------->                      Red



This is the connection with the other half of the stock connector.  On my model, the connections are as follows:

Factory Plug (Black Male)                           Speedo-Healer Plug (White Female)

        Black                        ------------------>                    Black

        Light Green/Red        ------------------>                    Green

        Light Green/Black      ----------------->                     Red



Mounting of the unit in the left compartment.  It's starting to fill up with the relay for the spot lights, TFI unit and now the Speedo Healer.


At this stage, follow instructions to test unit is properly connected and working.  Settings can be found on the sites linked above.



Check that these two mouting posts are still on the bike and not inside the cover.  If they are not on the bike, it makes the cover harder to install.


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