Name:Maureen Rosenfeld (Mo Rose) Tradition: Hollow One

Physical : Strength (2) Dexterity (3) Stamina (2)

Social: Charisma (3) Manipulation (2) Appearance (3)

Mental: Perception (5) Intelligence (3) Wits (3)

Character: Nature-Martyr Demeanor-Curmudgeon/Caregiver Essence-Dynamic

Talents:Alertness(3) Awareness(3) Brawl(4,see below) Dodge(3) Empathy(4) Intimidation(2) Instruction(2) Scrounging(3) Streetwise(4) Subterfuge(3)

Skills:Blindfighting(2) Cooking(2) Dancing(3) Drive(1) Etiquette(2) Firearms(2) Meditation(4) Melee(2) Stealth(3)

Knowledge:Area knowledge(3) Literature(3) Sabbat lore(3) Garou lore(3) Bureacracy(2) Cosmology(2) Enigmas(2) investigation(3) Medicine(3) Spirit lore(3) Spirit names(3) Underworld lore(4) wyrm lore(2)

Backgrounds: Allies(4)Arcane(3) Avatar,(3)Influence(2) Library(3) Node(2) Resources(2) Chantry(2) Contacts(4)

Arete:4 Willpower:7

Merits:Medium, Loyalty,Concentrate,Pale aura,Reputation, Group friendship(wraiths)

Flaws:Dark Fate(?) Intolerance(bullshit) Nightmares,Shy, Haunted, Group enmity(Giovanni)

Quintessence:( ) ( ) ( ) Paradox:
Correspondence:2- Mirror Life:3-Religious trappings Prime:3-Kris* Entropy: 3- Kris* Mind:2 Spirit:3 Time:2-dancing

Equipment: The Kris is a unique focus and does Str+3 lethal damage. She also carries a cell phone, a bulky purse and lately a mac 10 for protection. She also has a small notebook, a swiss army knife, and a few other small necessities.

Other Notes:If you are using Combat, Mo is an accomplished practitioner of Aikido. with,Breakfall,Throw,Punch deflection,Joint lock, and joint break.

Appearance:Mo appears much older than her late 20's, her long naturally black hair is shot through with streaks of silver. and she has crows feet. There are few times when the age falls away from her but they are few and far between. She seems to be carrying the weight of the world.

Clothing Tendencies:allthough her torn hose and fingerless gloves are concessions to Hollow style. Most of her clothes consist of shorts or black jeans and a plethora of punk and Ska band t-shirts. the only ominpresent articles are her steel toed doc martens and a bulky grey/ black trenchcoat. She often smells of grave dirt.

Known to:A large number of Wraiths, who like her or are indebted to her, Local Giovanni who hate her guts, Passing Samedi that she has made friends with, A few mages outside of her chantry and a few silent striders.

Ongoing Projects:Mo is allways helping out some wraith or another. This keeps her busy as you can well imagine.

Circle and Influence:Large and deep in the shadowland circles, she is begining to get a name for knowing more about that shadowy country than most other mages. Naturally, a mage with this much pull in the shadowlands has a sort of unofficial spy network that can go anywhere and see afraid. You are being watched. Her Allies are a few people that have seen first hand what she is but who have sworn to do anything she asks in return for her help. She also has many contacts that owe her little favors

House:Has a small house that Angel bought her in the western tip of Queens.

Library:Rather than drive all the way back to queens she keeps most of her library at the Afterlife. Her library contains almost all the major texts dealing with death,dying, and the afterlife. She also possesses a few obscure texts stolen from Giovanni over the years and one or two given to her by Samedi vampires as gifts. Her taste in literature is similarly dark and gothic.

Chantry: Les Innocents

Quintessence source: While she doesn't have a node of her own per se. She is aware of a Node that is an old haunted basketball court (C.F. Destiny's Price) She only tends to use that stuff when she means to hurt somebody bad because the tass it produces reeks of Jhor taint. Also is aware that Fiorello Laguardia's Tomb is a node of some small strength. Every once in a while she goes by and says hello to the old guy and gets a bit of juice. Of all the mages who know about this place. Mo is the only one who Laguardia likes.

Magickal style : While Mo's Magickal style is heavily influence by Euthanatos style there are a few deviations. Lately, Mo has found that some of Jerome's advice has yielded interesting results.

 Story: All Maureen wanted was to be a schoolteacher. She became one and got work in one of the good parochial schools in buffalo. she had a good life, doing what she wanted to do. She had a string of fellas and life seemed very full. Until she was diagnosed HIV positive. and then it all came crashing down. She was fired and dumped in the ensuing hysteria. She came to New York to seek experimental treatment with her meager savings and found a large waiting list. With nowhere else to turn. Mo sommited suicide...She cut her wrists with a ceremonial kris her parents had given as a souvenir of their trip to india. and as the lights began to go out....She Awoke.

When she came to she was healed and disease-free and utterly terrified of what she had seen on the other side. You see...Maureen was dumped directly into a Harrowing and has seen the face of the great Unmaking.

Maureen is a soul in torment. She fears a horrible demise that she knows is coming and she fears a permanent return to that land. she also fears that she might be damned because she's lost faith in God and ascencion(whatever that is.) There are very few things that alleviate her soul numbing terror. Aikido and Meditation seem to help, She can find a transcendant state when she's dancing and occasionally she can find solace in another,(allthough she generally lives like a monk)

The only thing that give her lasting solace is helping others. alive or dead. and that's what she does when she's not with her friends. She adds a that necessary touch of cold-blooded realism that the chantry occasionally needs and balances the Jerome's overweening power madness. Angel's mood swings. and Sam's self interest. Marty's curmudgeonly streak and whatever else.

Mo seems to be working very hard these days. One would almost say too hard. Marty, who actually notices things like this suspects that Mo senses something coming and is trying to get everything in order before it happens.

Marty is right. Maureen senses that her life is drawing to a close. She has visions of being captured by the Giovanni and being put to death in the most horrific way possible...and nothing beyond that....But she knows that there is allways something beyond "that "with the Giovanni. Working is her way of dealing and time is running out.