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Reference and Biographical Books

The 8:55 to Baghdad:  From London to Iraq on the Trail of Agatha Christie and the Orient Express by Andrew Eames

(2005 Overlook)



Agatha Christie:  A Reader's Companion by Vanessa Wagstaff & Stephen Poole
(2004 Aurum Press UK)

Everyman's Guide to the Mysteries of Agatha Christie by Bruce Pendergast
(2004 Trafford Publishing)


Modern Critical Views:  Agatha Christie edited by Harold Bloom

(2002 Chelsea House)

The Pocket Essential Agatha Christie by Mark Campbell
(2001 Pocket Essentials UK)
Agatha Christie and Archaeology
(2001 The British Museum Press)
The Poirot Casebook
(2000 Acorn Media)
The Complete Christie by Matthew Bunson
(2000 Pocket Books)
Who Killed Roger Ackroyd? The Mystery Behind The Agatha Christie Mystery by Pierre Bayard
(2000 The New Press)
From Agatha Christie to Ruth Rendell: British women writers in detective and crime fiction by Susan Rowland
(2000 Palgrave Macmillan UK)

The World of Agatha Christie by Martin Fido
(1999 Adams Media)

The Life and Crimes of Agatha Christie by Charles Osborne
(Revised and Updated Edition 1999 Harper Collins UK)
The Getaway Guide To Agatha Christie's England by Judith Hurdle
(1999 RDR Books)
Agatha Christie and the Eleven Missing Days by Jared Cade
(1998 Peter Owen)
Agatha Christie: Woman of Mystery by John Escott
Agatha Christie Woman of Mystery
Agatha Christie:A to Z - The Essential Reference to Her Life and Writings by Dawn B. Sova, Ph.D.
(1996 Facts on File)
Exploring Agatha Christie Country by David Gerrard
(1996 Agatha Christie Ltd. & English Riveria Tourist Board)
What's Your Agatha Christie I.Q.? by Kathleen Kaska
(1996 Citadel Press)
In the Footsteps of Agatha Christie Text: Francois Riviere Photographs: Jean-Bernard Naudin
(1995 Trafalgar Square)
The Lost Days of Agatha Christie by Carole Owens
(1995 Cottage Press)
Agatha Christie's Poirot by Peter Haining
(1995 Boxtree)
Black Sheep, Red Herrings and Blue Murder:  The Proverbial Agatha Christie
(1993 Peter Lang, Bern)
The Films of Agatha Christie by Scott Palmer
(1993 Batsford)
Poisonous Pen of Agatha Christie by Michael Gerald
(1993 Univ. of Texas Press)
Reflecting on Miss Marple by Marion Shaw & Sabine Vanacker
(Routledge 1991 paperback)
Agatha Christie Murder in Four Acts by Peter Haining
(1990 Virgin)
Agatha Christie Official Centenary Celebration 1890-1990 edited by Lynn Underwood
(1990 Harper paperbacks)
Agatha Christie's Devon by Jane Langton
(1990 Bossiney Books)
Agatha Christie The Woman and Her Mysteries by Gillian Gill
(1990 Free Press)
Agatha Christie Trivia by Richard Ryan
(Bell 1987, reprint in 1990)
The NEW Bedside, Bathtub and Armchair Companion to Agatha Christie by Riley and McAllister
(2nd edition, 1986 Ungar Publishing)
Agatha Christie by Mary S. Wagoner
(1986 Twayne Publishers)
Agatha Christie's Cookery
by Alice Stefani and Lauri Williams
(1985 BG State Univ Popular Press)
An A to Z of the Novels and Short Stories of Agatha Christie by Ben Morselt
(1985 Phoenix Publishing)
Agatha Christie A Biography by Janet Morgan
(1984 Knopf)
The Gentle Art of Murder - The Detective Fiction of Agatha Christie by Earl Bargainnier
(1984 BGSU Popular Press)
Murder She Wrote: A Study of Agatha Christie Detective Fiction by Patricia D. Maida and Nicholas B. Spornick
(1982 BGSU Popular Press)
The Agatha Christie Companion by Dennis Sanders and Len Lovallo
(1982 Delacorte, Revised paperback 1989 Berkeley)
The Agatha Christie Crossword Puzzle Book Compiled by Randall Toye and Judith Hawking Gaffney
(1982 HRW, reprint 1989 Bell)
Agatha Christie - The Art of Her Crimes by Tom Adams
(1981 Everest House)
Great Detectives:  Seven Original Investigations by Julian Symons
(1981 Abrams)
Agatha Christie and All That Mousetrap by Hubert Gregg
(1980 William Kember)
The Agatha Christie Who's Who Compiled by Randall Toye
(1980 HRW)
The Agatha Christie Companion by Russell H. Fitzgibbon
(1980 Popular Press)
A Talent to Deceive:An Appreciation of Agatha Christie by Robert Barnard
(1980 Dodd, Mead)
The Mystery of Agatha Christie by Gwen Robyns
(1978 Doubleday)
Agatha Christie - First Lady of Crime by HRF Keating
(1977 HRW)
Mallowan's Memoirs by Sir Max Mallowan
(1977 Dodd, Mead)
The Agatha Christie Mystery by Derrick Murdoch
(1976 Pagurian Press Limited)
The Agatha Christie Chronology by Nancy Blue Wynne
(1976 Ace paperback)
Agatha Christie Quiz Book by Andy East
(1975 Drake)
The Mysterious World of Agatha Christie by Jeffrey Feinman
(1975 Award paperback)
Mousetrap Man by Peter Saunders
Studies in Agatha Christie's Writings by Frank Behre
Agatha Christie - Mistress of Mystery by G.C. Ramsey
(1967 Dodd, Mead)

Other Reference books mentioning Christie
Detective Fiction:  The Collector's Guide by Cooper & Pike (1994 Second Edition, Scolar Press)
The Bedside Companion to Crime by HRF Keating (1989 Mysterious Press)
The Bibliography of Crime Fiction 1749-1975 by Allen Hubin (1979 Publishers Inc)


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