The Fisher Coinstrike and pull tabs

ken-illinois asked:
.... sticker says SQ tabs 17-18 were does beaver tail tabs come in?

I ran some tests since I have about 1/2 gallon of tabs saved up.
DISC 99, SENS Max, Threshold -10, Avg On, no GB, Salt Off, Auto Track Off. It turns out there is a big enough difference in the tabs from various cans that you can't generalize about them. 2 identical tabs from different cans will give different audio ID tones.

Test Results on a big handful of tabs:

Beavertails, 13 - 19 , with 14 being the most soild average hit

folded over Beavertails 13 - 16, with 15 being the most soild average hit

tails 6 - 10 or lower

rings  10 - 12 , vary

square tabs from Coke products 10 - 14 , with 12 being the most solid average hit

Wildly different numbers could be easily had from pull tabs off of fruit cups and Beanie Weenie cans etc.

So the sticker on the control housing is just wrong. It shows Square Tabs at 17-18 and I've never seen one have numbers over 14. This should be the upper end of the Beaver tail range.

also what comes in the range between 12-16 between nickle and SQ tabs ?

Tabs altogether would most likely be 12 - 15. The widest range would be 10 - 19.

on the right side of meter they have the 4 disc foil,nickle,tabs,zinc does the tabs cut out SQ tabs and beaver tails?

Well I just tested this and the tab notch out on my unit was 14 - 17. Anything 18 rang the higher ID tone. Anything 13 or less rang the lower ID tone. Anything 14 - 17 was silent.

This meant when I ran through the tab pile ones that were 10-13 would ring out. This was a high percentage since my test showed lots of tabs in the 12 + 13 ID. very few tabs were 18-19.

So there ya go.


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