Fisher Coinstrike Pinpoint Mod

The Pinpoint button on the Fisher Coinstrike is a touchpad momentary switch located in the lower center of the control panel. It is too small to easily use and it is practically impossible to use wearing gloves. Since many folks wear gloves to dig in warm weather, and thick gloves in cold weather, this is a real problem. The solution is a simple one. Obtain self adhesive rubber pads at a hardware store. Find some that are the appropriate size and apply one centered on the PP touchpad.

This makes the PP button functional with or without gloves. You can feel it without looking and the control is very positive! As this wears out and falls off, clean the surface and stick on another one. One person reported using a clear pad and he could read the label underneath.

Note: I did not think this one up, so full credit to whoever it was, I just didn't keep track.
Copyright Jan 2003
All rights reserved.

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