Ground Balancing the Fisher Coinstrike

How to Ground Balance the Fisher Coinstrike

- Pick a spot with NO METAL signals for a 3 foot radius around your coil. Use All Metal mode or PP mode to check. If this is impossible, dig all of the signals from an area that size. Make sure your shovel is as far away as you can hold it.

- Preset your CS to have the Sensitivity you want and in All Metal mode Tracking Off, Salt Off.

- For relic hunting the coil works best slid along on the ground, not swung in the air. If this is possible (like not in a bean field) adjust for that. Use a solid coil cover so it will slide easily.

- Hold the coil flat against the ground.

- Push in the GB button and hold it....raise the coil to the level you will be swinging and hold still .... release the button .... you are GB'd.

- If you want DISC you can now toggle on DISC.

- Note: The closer the coil is to the ground the deeper the CS will go. There is no reason you shouldn't slide the coil along on the grass if that is possible. If that is the case you don't have to raise the coil at all when you GB.

- re-GB as needed

- It is normal for the 10.5" coil to make noise when you hit stuff. The 8" coil should be silent. The coil wires moving should also be silent.

- note: Mike Hillis has indicated that if he wants to set the GB a little positive he starts out with the coil slightly above the ground.


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