Fisher Coinstrike Cord Mod

The coil cord on the Fisher Coinstrike is a typical shielded, multicondictor cable with DIN type plug on one end. People that hunt with the control box mounted on the detector all the time find that it is handy to have the cord fed through the rod, instead of coiled around it. Billy Cantrell has done a fine mod here where the cable is fed through a hole near the coil and up and out a hole near the control box. The length of the cable was shortened and connector resoldered on. Note, Billy believes the CS has more horsepower now that he has shortened the cord.

Here are the pics of the mod I did to the C$. I simply drilled a hole just large enough for the cable to go through in the lower shaft. Pulled it through the last hole (or first) depending on how your looking at it, in the middle shaft. Cut to the length I wanted and soldered the plug back on. Make sure you make a drawing of which wire goes where, especially if your memory is as short as mine :) HH Billy Cantrell
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