Fisher Coinstrike 8" Spider Coil
Coil Cover Solutions

The stock coil for the Fisher Coinstrike is the 8" Spider coil. This coil only works on the CS and no other Fisher coils are interchangeable as of this date. This coil commonly comes with a Spider cover. A 10.5" coil is also available. This type of coil is great in water and at the beach, however it is not well suited for sweeping the surface of a pasture, woods or cut field. The holes in the coil tend to be abrasive on grass, snag in brush and REALLY snag in corn and tobacco stalks. The solution is a simple one. Obtain a solid cover for this model and use it instead. They fit perfectly and are much easier to get on and off than the Spider cover.  Send me e-mail if you need a source for these covers.

I found out the cover from the Tesoro's 8 inch donut fits perfectly on the CS when it has its coil cover on.  It still has the small hole in the middle but it cuts down on some of the weeds and such from hanging up.  Just thought it might come it handy for any of the guys who have a Tesoro collecting dust like me :-)

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