A Weekend in the Loops of Western North Carolina


Clinchfield Loops Tunnels II


This page documents the five Clinchfield Railroad tunnels in the two mile segment of track known as The Loop.


The 1st Washburn Tunnel begins the five tunnel sequence.  Here the southern portal is easily reached from an access road that comes up between the 1st Washburn Tunnel and the 2nd Washburn Tunnel.



As can be seen by comparing the two pictures, 2nd Washburn Tunnel northern portal is only a short distance from the 1st Washburn Tunnel.



Quinn Knob Tunnel’s northern portal is less than a quarter mile from the 2nd Washburn Tunnel.



Hiking around the knob provides this view of the southern portal of the Quinn Knob Tunnel.



From the same location as the photograph above, the 3rd Washburn Tunnel’s southern portal is visible.



If you want to see Snipes Tunnel’s northern portal (which actually faces south), plan for a serious hike over the ridge.



The 192 mile post is an additional significant hike to just beyond the southern portal of Snipes Tunnel



The Loop portion of the Clinchfield Loops ends, but the railroad continues.  Click here to continue with part three of the tour.


Or click here to see photos of phase one of my trip, the Southern Loops.


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