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Descendants of Asahel Kyes

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Generation One

1. Asahel1 Kyes; m. Sarah Mosier, daughter of Lewis Mosher and Mary Freeman; d. 14 Jul 1813 at Lansdowne Twp., Leeds Co., Ont.

Children of Asahel1 Kyes and Sarah Mosier were as follows:

Generation Two

2. Ephraim2 Kyes (Asahel1); b. 7 Feb 1798 at Lansdowne, Ont; m. Esther Frimewood (Friermouth), daughter of John Adam (or Adam) Friermouth and Mary Moore, circa 1819 at Escott, Leeds Co., Ont; d. 13 Feb 1869 at Lansdowne, Ont, at age 71.

Children of Ephraim2 Kyes and Esther Frimewood (Friermouth) were as follows:

3. Elizabeth2 Kyes (Asahel1); b. circa 1800; m. Perry Kenyon; d. 1849.

Children of Elizabeth2 Kyes and Perry Kenyon were as follows:

4. Abigail2 Kyes (Asahel1); b. 14 Jun 1802; m. Alexander Mcneil; d. 20 Nov 1901 at age 99.

Children of Abigail2 Kyes and Alexander Mcneil were as follows:

5. John2 Kyes (Asahel1); b. 29 Mar 1806 at Lansdowne, Leeds Co., Ontario; m. Weighty Huntley, daughter of Zaddock Huntley and Elizabeth Balis, 19 May 1830 at Lansdowne, Ontario; d. 13 Feb 1875 at Lansdowne, Ontario, at age 68.

Children of John2 Kyes and Weighty Huntley were as follows:

6. Henry2 Kyes (Asahel1); b. circa 1809; m. Anna Landon, daughter of Joseph Landon and Elizabeth Unknown, 20 Oct 1825; m. Agnes Findlay; d. after 1891.

Children of Henry2 Kyes and Anna Landon were as follows:

There were no children of Henry2 Kyes and Agnes Findlay.
7. Mary2 Kyes (Asahel1); b. 1 Aug 1810; m. Simcoe Landon; d. 7 Jan 1861 at age 50.

Children of Mary2 Kyes and Simcoe Landon were as follows:

8. Thomas Marshall2 Kyes (Asahel1); b. 11 Mar 1812 at Lansdowne, Ont; m. Eliza Ann Dochman 6 Feb 1832 at Lansdowne, Ont; d. at Magnolia, Rock, WI.

Children of Thomas Marshall2 Kyes and Eliza Ann Dochman were as follows:

Generation Three

10. Marshall3 Kyes (Ephraim2, Asahel1); b. 13 Dec 1821 at Lansdowne, Ont; m. Nancy Patterson, daughter of Lawrence Patterson and Katherine Unknown; d. at Oswego, NY.

Children of Marshall3 Kyes and Nancy Patterson were as follows:

11. Alpheus3 Kyes (Ephraim2, Asahel1); b. 22 Mar 1824 at Lansdowne, Leeds Co., Ont; m. Minerva Shipman, daughter ofDavid Shipman and Elizabeth Unknown; d. 10 Dec 1916 at Valley Center, Sanilac Co., MI, at age 92.

Children of Alpheus3 Kyes and Minerva Shipman were as follows:

12. William Bush3 Kyes (Ephraim2, Asahel1); b. 27 Mar 1830 at Clayton, NY; m. Laura Botsford, daughter of Henry Botsford and Peggy Lasher, 23 Feb 1860 at Lansdowne, ONT; d. 6 Jun 1925 at Elwell, MI, at age 95 of gastro enteritis.
William Bush Kyes and Laura BotsfordWilliam Bush Kyes and his spouse Laura Botsford

Children of William Bush3 Kyes and Laura Botsford were as follows:

13. Margaret3 Kyes (Ephraim2, Asahel1); b. 6 Oct 1833 at Lansdowne, Leeds Co., Ont; m. William Andrew, son of Daniel Andrew and Ann Bruce, 8 Feb 1854 at Gananoque, Ont; d. 24 Feb 1881 at Lansdowne, Ont, at age 47.

Children of Margaret3 Kyes and William Andrew were as follows:

14. Theresa Jane3 Kyes (Ephraim2, Asahel1); b. 29 Mar 1836 at Lansdowne Twp., Leeds Co., Ont; m. Franklin Allen 14 Sep 1857 at Gananoque, Ont; d. 29 May 1912 at Elsie, MI, at age 76.

Children of Theresa Jane3 Kyes and Franklin Allen were:

16. John A.3 Kyes (Ephraim2, Asahel1); b. 22 May 1841 at Lansdowne, Ont; m. Mary Jane Smith, daughter of Daniel Smith and Jane Mcewen (Maquin), 9 Jul 1863 at Lansdowne, Leeds Co., Ont; d. 19 Sep 1908 at Ovid, MI, at age 67.

Children of John A.3 Kyes and Mary Jane Smith were as follows:

20. Perry3 Kenyon (Elizabeth2Kyes, Asahel1); b. 1829; m. Alvira Guild 21 Mar 1850; d. 1891.

Children of Perry3 Kenyon and Alvira Guild were as follows:

29. Abram Daton3 Mcneil (Abigail2Kyes, Asahel1); b. 9 Jun 1829; m. Margaret Landon, daughter of William Landon and Elizabeth Findlay, 8 Jan 1856; d. 22 Nov 1894 at age 65.

Children of Abram Daton3 Mcneil and Margaret Landon were as follows:

32. Wallace3 Mcneil (Abigail2Kyes, Asahel1); b. 31 May 1838; m. Elizabeth Landon, daughter of William Landon and Elizabeth Findlay; d. 23 Dec 1922 at age 84.

Children of Wallace3 Mcneil and Elizabeth Landon were:

33. Bruce3 Mcneil (Abigail2Kyes, Asahel1); b. 1838; m. Mary A. Blythe; d. 1911.

Children of Bruce3 Mcneil and Mary A. Blythe were as follows:

38. Zeddock3 Kyes (John2, Asahel1); b. at Lansdowne, Leeds Co., Ontario; m. Susan Bone 4 Oct 1854 at Lansdowne, Ontario; d. 4 Nov 1897 at Hammond, St. Croix, WI.

Children of Zeddock3 Kyes and Susan Bone were as follows:

39. Albert3 Kyes (John2, Asahel1); b. 1831 at Lansdowne, Leeds Co., Ontario; m. Ordelia Seaman 17 Mar 1860 at Lansdowne, Ontario; d. 24 Jan 1889 at River Falls, Barren, WI.

Children of Albert3 Kyes and Ordelia Seaman were as follows:

40. Nicholas M.3 Kyes (John2, Asahel1); b. 19 Mar 1836 at Lansdowne, Leeds Co., Ontario; m. Agnes E. Elliott 14 Jul 1861 at Lansdowne, Ontario; d. 2 Dec 1904 at Lansdowne, Ontario, at age 68.

Children of Nicholas M.3 Kyes and Agnes E. Elliott were as follows:

41. Almira3 Kyes (John2, Asahel1); b. 1837 at Lansdowne, Leeds Co., Ontario; m. Robert Elliott at Ontario; d. 23 Mar 1896 at Lansdowne, Ontario.

Children of Almira3 Kyes and Robert Elliott were as follows:

42. Sidney3 Kyes (John2, Asahel1); b. 1839 at Lansdowne, Leeds Co., Ontario; d. before 1876.

Children of Sidney3 Kyes include:

44. Asahel3 Kyes (Henry2, Asahel1); b. 2 Jun 1828; m. Ellen Dickson; d. 1913.

Children of Asahel3 Kyes and Ellen Dickson were as follows:

45. William3 Kyes (Henry2, Asahel1); m. Jane Bone.

Children of William3 Kyes and Jane Bone were:

46. Jonas3 Kyes (Henry2, Asahel1); b. 12 May 1844; m. Katherine Kuntz 7 Feb 1869; d. 16 May 1913 at ND at age 69.

Children of Jonas3 Kyes and Katherine Kuntz were as follows:

48. George Truman3 Kyes (Henry2, Asahel1); b. 2 Jul 1842 at Lansdowne, Leeds Co., Ontario; m. Janet Landon at Ontario; m. Melissa Cross; m.Leulla Wood; d. 1930 at Lansdowne, Ontario.

There were no children of George Truman3 Kyes and Janet Landon.
There were no children of George Truman3 Kyes and Melissa Cross.
Children of George Truman3 Kyes and Leulla Wood were as follows:

51. John Bissell3 Landon (Mary2Kyes, Asahel1); b. 20 Apr 1836; m. Alice Webster; d. 1927.

Children of John Bissell3 Landon and Alice Webster were as follows:

53. Caroline M.3 Landon (Mary2Kyes, Asahel1); b. 27 Feb 1836 at Lansdowne, Ontario; m. Daniel Crea, son of James Crea and Anna Mcneil, 8 Mar 1859; d. 4 Sep 1869 at Caro, MI, at age 33.

Children of Caroline M.3 Landon and Daniel Crea were as follows:

54. Edgar3 Landon (Mary2Kyes, Asahel1); b. 11 Mar 1843; m. Mary Wallace.

Children of Edgar3 Landon and Mary Wallace were as follows:

62. Emma Caroline3 Kyes (Thomas2, Asahel1); b. 28 Apr 1853 at Theresa, Jefferson, NY; m. Leander Alanson Patterson 26 Dec 1877 at Janesville, WI.

Children of Emma Caroline3 Kyes and Leander Alanson Patterson were:

65. Harley Parker3 Kyes (Thomas2, Asahel1); b. Jul 1854 at NY; m. Hattie Wade between 1883 and 1884 at Kent.

Children of Harley Parker3 Kyes and Hattie Wade were as follows:

Generation Four

68. Abigail4 Kyes (Marshall3, Ephraim2, Asahel1); b. 11 Oct 1849 at Lansdowne, Leeds, Ont; m. Augustus F. Lawyer, son of James Madison Lawyer and Mary Clement, 13 Sep 1868; d. at Oswego, NY.

Children of Abigail4 Kyes and Augustus F. Lawyer all b. at Oswego, NY, were as follows:

70. Mercy4 Kyes (Marshall3, Ephraim2, Asahel1); b. 3 Dec 1854 at Lansdowne, Ont; m. Romain Mosier, son of Samuel Mosier andEsther Ann Bush, 17 Feb 1870 at Wolfe Island, Ont; d. 14 Feb 1914 at Wolse Island, Ont, at age 59.

Children of Mercy4 Kyes and Romain Mosier were as follows:

71. Mary Jane4 Kyes (Alpheus3, Ephraim2, Asahel1); b. at Lansdowne, Leeds Co., Ont; m. George Seitz 1871 at Gananoque, Ont; d.

Children of Mary Jane4 Kyes and George Seitz were as follows:

72. Elizabeth4 Kyes (Alpheus3, Ephraim2, Asahel1); b. at Lansdowne, Leeds Co., Ont; m. Frank Reed circa 1875 at Clayton, NY.

Children of Elizabeth4 Kyes and Frank Reed were as follows:

74. Sarah Cecilia4 Kyes (Alpheus3, Ephraim2, Asahel1); b. at Lansdowne, Ont; m. Archibald Guernsey; d. at Valley Center, MI.

Children of Sarah Cecilia4 Kyes and Archibald Guernsey were:

75. Emma Alma4 Kyes (Alpheus3, Ephraim2, Asahel1); b. 18 Mar 1860 at Leeds Co., Ont; m. John Makelim, son of John Makelim andNancy Anderson, 7 Apr 1881 at Valley Center, MI; d. at Port Huron, MI.

Children of Emma Alma4 Kyes and John Makelim were as follows:

76. Freeman Asil4 Kyes (Alpheus3, Ephraim2, Asahel1); b. 13 Jul 1862 at Lansdowne, Leeds Co., Ont; m. Annette "Nettie" Raymond, daughter of Alex Raymond and Miriam Jackson, 16 Mar 1885 at Saginaw, MI; d. 17 Feb 1954 at Pontiac, MI, at age 91.

Children of Freeman Asil4 Kyes and Annette "Nettie" Raymond were as follows:

77.Charles Byron4 Kyes (Alpheus3, Ephraim2, Asahel1); b. 1865 at Lansdowne, Ont; m. Hettie Makelim at Port Huron, St Clair Co, MI; d. 19 Aug 1953 at Detroit, MI.

Children of Charles Byron4 Kyes and Hettie Makelim both b. at Port Huron, MI, were as follows:

80. Cora Ophelia4 Kyes (William3, Ephraim2, Asahel1); b. 30 Nov 1860 at Elizabeth Twp., Leeds Co., Ont; m. John Jay Baker, son of Horace Foster Baker and Olive Loretta Unknown, 20 Jun 1883 at Ithaca, MI; d. 24 Nov 1935 at Coutts at age 74.

Children of Cora Ophelia4 Kyes and John Jay Baker were as follows:

81. Effie Adelia4 Kyes (William3, Ephraim2, Asahel1); b. 8 Aug 1862 at Elizabeth Twp., Leeds Co., Ont; m. William Peck, son of David Peck and Elizabeth Waldie, 15 Jul 1882 at Elsie, MI; d. 12 Jul 1952 at Elsie, MI, at age 89.

Children of Effie Adelia4 Kyes and William Peck were:

82. Jessie Amelia4 Kyes (William3, Ephraim2, Asahel1); b. 24 Jan 1864 at Elizabeth Twp., Leeds Co., Ont; m. William Van Leuven Lapaugh, son of Solomon S. Lapaugh and Mary Jane Van Lueven, 12 Mar 1885 at Ithaca, MI; d. 25 Aug 1931 at Elwell, MI, at age 67.
Jessie Kyes LaPaugh
Jessie Amelia Kyes LaPaugh
Children of Jessie Amelia4 Kyes and William Van Leuven Lapaugh were as follows: 83. Eva Allena4 Kyes (William3, Ephraim2, Asahel1); b. 12 Jun 1866 at Lansdowne, ONT; m. Wallace Emmons Petrie, son of Frederick William Petrie II and Phoebe (Phebe) Treat, 30 Nov 1886 at Bismarck, ND; d. 18 Jul 1953 at Bismarck, ND, at age 87.
Eva Kyes
                                                    Eva Allena Kyes                            Eva Kyes Petrie

Children of Eva Allena4 Kyes and Wallace Emmons Petrie were as follows:

84. Annie Laura4 Kyes (William3, Ephraim2, Asahel1); b. 7 May 1868 at Lansdowne, Ont; m. Ralph Woods, son of William Woods andMary Smith, 21 Feb 1885 at New Haven, MI; m. William Fell 6 Dec 1939; d. 14 Aug 1943 at Ithaca, MI, at age 75.
Ralph & Annie Woods

Ralph and Annie Kyes Woods

Children of Annie Laura4 Kyes and Ralph Woods were as follows: There were no children of Annie Laura4 Kyes and William Fell.

85. Artiemissa4 Kyes (William3, Ephraim2, Asahel1); b. 28 Feb 1870 at Lansdowne, Ont; m. James Lang, son of John Lang and Jane Cleverdon, 21 Mar 1891 at Ithaca, MI; d. 1 Oct 1928 at Carson City, MI, at age 58.

Children of Artiemissa4 Kyes and James Lang were as follows:

87. Henrietta4 Kyes (William3, Ephraim2, Asahel1); b. 4 Apr 1873 at Lansdowne, Ont; m. Benjamin C. Taylor, son of Benjamin C. Taylor and Sylvia Tripp, 22 Sep 1892 at Ithaca, MI; d. at Everson, WA.

Children of Henrietta4 Kyes and Benjamin C. Taylor were:

88. Wallace McNeil4 Kyes (William3, Ephraim2, Asahel1); b. 4 Mar 1875 at Lansdowne, Ont; m. Maria Lee, daughter of William Banyor (Bart) Lee and Sarah Ellen Richards, 24 Apr 1900 at Hampton, ND; d. 31 Jan 1966 at Harrisburg, PA, at age 90.

Children of Wallace McNeil4 Kyes and Maria Lee both b. at Linton, ND, were as follows:

91. Carl Cline4 Kyes (William3, Ephraim2, Asahel1); b. 12 Apr 1882 at Sumner Twp., MI; m. Laura Corrina Mallory, daughter of Walter Clarence Mallory and Nina Brainerd, 3 Aug 1911 at Elwell, MI; d. 10 Nov 1972 at Vestaburg, MI, at age 90.

Children of Carl Cline4 Kyes and Laura Corrina Mallory were as follows:

92. Catherine Lydia4 Andrew (Margaret3Kyes, Ephraim2, Asahel1); b. 12 Mar 1855; m. David E. Dixon, son of William Dixon and Jane Cross, 1 Dec 1874 at Lansdowne, Ont; d. 31 Mar 1891 at Gananoque, Ont, at age 36.

Children of Catherine Lydia4 Andrew and David E. Dixon all b. at Lansdowne, Ont, were as follows:

93. Esther Ann4 Andrew (Margaret3Kyes, Ephraim2, Asahel1); b. 14 May 1860 at Lansdowne, Ont; m. Milton J. Clarke, son of William J. Clarke and Eunice Varney, 24 Jun 1882 at Elsie, MI; d. Nov 1950 at Detroit, MI, at age 90.

Children of Esther Ann4 Andrew and Milton J. Clarke were:

95. Theresa Verona4 Andrew (Margaret3Kyes, Ephraim2, Asahel1); b. 4 Oct 1866 at Lansdowne, Ont; m. Henry J. Pelow, son of Peter Pelow andLena Leclair, 11 Aug 1886 at Gananoque, Ont; d. at Elgin, Ont.

Children of Theresa Verona4 Andrew and Henry J. Pelow were as follows:

96. Harriet Kyes4 Allen (Theresa3Kyes, Ephraim2, Asahel1); b. 26 May 1862 at Gananoque, Ont; m. Noah Peck, son of David Peck and Elizabeth Waldie, 22 May 1887; d. at Elsie, MI.

Children of Harriet Kyes4 Allen and Noah Peck were as follows:

97. Sherman Morris4 Kyes (John3, Ephraim2, Asahel1); b. 25 May 1866 at Leeds Co., Ont; m. Estella May Corbett, daughter of Charles A. Corbett and Mary J. Lewis, 29 Dec 1897 at Greenbush, WI; d. at Owen, Clark Co, WI.

Children of Sherman Morris4 Kyes and Estella May Corbett were as follows:

98. Edwin Ellsworth4 Kyes (John3, Ephraim2, Asahel1); b. 17 Oct 1867 at Lansdowne Twp., Leeds Co., Ont; m. Lillian J. Campbell, daughter of John D. Campbell and Maria Stalker, 24 Feb 1892 at Jeddo, MI; d. at Modesto, CA.

Children of Edwin Ellsworth4 Kyes and Lillian J. Campbell were as follows:

100. Walter Smith4 Kyes (John3, Ephraim2, Asahel1); b. 10 Mar 1871 at Lansdowne Twp., Leeds Co., Ont; m. Helen Marie Myers, daughter of Isaac Wenger Myers and Alice Francisco, 26 Jul 1905 at Hampton, IA; d. Dec 1948 at Parker, SD, at age 77.

101. Mary May4 Kyes (John3, Ephraim2, Asahel1); b. 1 May 1876 at Lansdowne, Leeds Co., Ont; m. William Edwin Allen, son of George Ethen Allen and Katherine Eggleston, 19 Feb 1902 at Albuquerque, NM; d. at South Lyon, MI.

102. George Arthur4 Kyes (John3, Ephraim2, Asahel1); b. 3 Jan 1881 at Duplain Twp, Clinton Co, MI; m. Mrs. Jessie A. Shely, daughter of Wilford Carrell Smith and Nancy Jane Hanson, 1 Jul 1911 at El Paso, TX; d. 1946 at El Paso, TX.

Children of George Arthur4 Kyes and Mrs. Jessie A. Shely both b. at El Paso, TX, were as follows:

108. Emma4 Mcneil (Abram3, Abigail2Kyes, Asahel1); b. 8 Nov 1858; m. Alfred Greene 13 Jun; d. 14 Dec 1933 at age 75.

109. Mary Elizabeth4 Mcneil (Abram3, Abigail2Kyes, Asahel1); b. 8 Nov 1862; m.William Wallace Shipman; d. 29 Jan 1939 at age 76.

Children of Mary Elizabeth4 Mcneil and William Wallace Shipman were as follows:

110. William Abraham4 Mcneil (Abram3, Abigail2Kyes, Asahel1); b. 1864; m. Elizabeth Jean Gray; d. 1919.

Children of William Abraham4 Mcneil and Elizabeth Jean Gray were:

112. Charles Abram4 Mcneil (Abram3, Abigail2Kyes, Asahel1); b. 1874; m. Nellie Hurst Sep 1897; d. 1928.

Children of Charles Abram4 Mcneil and Nellie Hurst were as follows:

113. Elizabeth4 Mcneil (Wallace3, Abigail2Kyes, Asahel1); b. 1873; m. Markus King.

Children of Elizabeth4 Mcneil and Markus King were as follows:

118. John4 Kyes (Zeddock3, John2, Asahel1).

Children of John4 Kyes were:

119. Ellen4 Kyes (Zeddock3, John2, Asahel1); m. Phenious Cole.

Children of Ellen4 Kyes and Phenious Cole were as follows:

121. Quinn (Quentin)4 Kyes (Zeddock3, John2, Asahel1); m. Mary Unknown.

Children of Quinn (Quentin)4 Kyes and Mary Unknown were as follows:

122. Frederick4 Kyes (Albert3, John2, Asahel1); m. Elizabeth Kyes, daughter of Jonas Kyes andKatherine Kuntz.

Children of Frederick4 Kyes and Elizabeth Kyes were as follows:

123. Mark4 Kyes (Albert3, John2, Asahel1); b. 27 Apr 1863; m. Emma Jean Bowker, daughter of Jasper Bowker and Unknown Keith; d. 20 Jul 1922 at age 59.

Children of Mark4 Kyes and Emma Jean Bowker all b. at Hammond, St. Croix, WI, were as follows:

125. Ana Lura4 Kyes (Albert3, John2, Asahel1); m. William Becker.

Children of Ana Lura4 Kyes and William Becker were as follows:

126. William E. (Billy)4 Kyes (Nicholas3, John2, Asahel1); b. 1862; m. Carrie Jackson; d. 1929.

Children of William E. (Billy)4 Kyes and Carrie Jackson were:

127. Bertha May4 Kyes (Nicholas3,John2, Asahel1); b. 1876; m. Elgin Moore; d. 1956.

Children of Bertha May4 Kyes and Elgin Moore were as follows:

132. John4 Elliott (Almira3Kyes, John2, Asahel1); b. 1868; m. Blanche Webb; d. 1951.

Children of John4 Elliott and Blanche Webb were as follows:

133. Elizabeth4 Elliott (Almira3Kyes, John2, Asahel1); m. Gordon Richardson.

Children of Elizabeth4 Elliott and Gordon Richardson were:

134. Ella4Elliott (Almira3Kyes, John2, Asahel1); m. Eldon Rudd.

Children of Ella4 Elliott and Eldon Rudd were as follows:

137. Asahel4 Kyes (Asahel3, Henry2, Asahel1); b. 1867; m. Margaret (Maggie) Gray; d. 1953.

Children of Asahel4 Kyes and Margaret (Maggie) Gray were as follows:

138. James Henry4 Kyes (Asahel3, Henry2, Asahel1); b. 22 Dec 1871; m. Ethel Richardson; d. 1958.

Children of James Henry4 Kyes and Ethel Richardson were as follows:

139. Charles Edward4 Kyes (William3, Henry2, Asahel1); b. 6 Jun 1878 at Hammond, WI; m.Elizabeth Rachel Wilhem.

Children of Charles Edward4 Kyes and Elizabeth Rachel Wilhem were:

140. Lewis4 Kyes (Jonas3, Henry2, Asahel1); m. Georgia May Savage.

Children of Lewis4 Kyes and Georgia May Savage were as follows:

141. Elizabeth4 Kyes (Jonas3, Henry2, Asahel1); m. Frederick Kyes, son of Albert Kyes and Ordelia Seaman.

Children of Elizabeth4 Kyes and Frederick Kyes were as follows:

144. Wilfrid Laurier4 Kyes (George3, Henry2, Asahel1); b. 2 Jan 1897 at Lansdowne, Leeds Co., Ontario; m. Jean Day, daughter of Clarence Day and Gertrude Unknown, at Gananoque, Leeds, Ontario; d. 2 Jan 1974 at Syracuse, Onondaga, NY, at age 77.

Children of Wilfrid Laurier4 Kyes and Jean Day were:

151. Nelson E.4 Landon (John3, Mary2Kyes, Asahel1); m. Ellen Cavanaugh.

Children of Nelson E.4 Landon and Ellen Cavanaugh were as follows:

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