Ancestral Generations for Herbert Arthur Paul

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Ancestors of Herbert Arthur Paul

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Generation Two

2.Donald Mitchell2 Paul (Herbert, #4) was born on 25 Apr 1897 at Corwith, IA. He married Florence Alice Petrie (see #3), daughter of Wallace Emmons Petrie and Eva AllenaKyes, on 25 Nov 1921 at Linton, ND. He married NaidaJohnson, daughter of Roy Johnson, in 1962. He died on 29 Apr 1975 at Peoria, IL, at age 78. He was buried at Renville, MN.

3.Florence Alice2 Petrie (Wallace, #6) was born on 23 Jul 1898 at Linton, ND. She married Donald Mitchell Paul (see #2), son of Herbert Edwin Paul and Hannah CarolynMitchell, on 25 Nov 1921 at Linton, ND. She died on 8 Apr 1961 at Renville, MN, at age 62. She was buried at Renville, MN.

Generation Three

4.Herbert Edwin3 Paul (Edwin, #8) was born on 8 Feb 1855 at Somerville, MA. He married Hannah Carolyn Mitchell (see #5), daughter of Darius Baldwin Mitchell and IsabelleHester, on 10 Jun 1896 at Corwith, IA. He died on 18 Dec 1927 at Portland, OR, at age 72. He was buried at Portland, OR.

Children of Herbert Edwin3 Paul and Hannah Carolyn Mitchell (see #5) were:

5.Hannah Carolyn3 Mitchell (Darius, #10) was born on 3 Aug 1873 at Adel, IA. She married Herbert Edwin Paul (see #4), son of Edwin Mathias Paul and Mary Elizabeth Holden, on 10 Jun 1896 at Corwith, IA. She died on 28 Apr 1952 at Lester Prairie, MN, at age 78. She was buried at Portland, OR.

6.Wallace Emmons3 Petrie (Frederick, #12) was born on 27 Dec 1862 at Volney (or Fulton?), NY. He married Eva Allena Kyes (see #7), daughter of William Bush Kyes and Laura Botsford, on 30 Nov 1886 at Bismarck, ND. He died on 25 Nov 1916 at Linton, ND, at age 53. He was buried at Linton, ND.

Children of Wallace Emmons3 Petrie and Eva Allena Kyes (see #7) were as follows:

7.Eva Allena3 Kyes (William, #14) was born on 12 Jun 1866 at Lansdowne, ONT. She married Wallace Emmons Petrie (see #6), son of Frederick William Petrie II and Phoebe (Phebe) Treat, on 30 Nov 1886 at Bismarck, ND. She died on 18 Jul 1953 at Bismarck, ND, at age 87. She was buried on 22 Jul 1953 at Linton, ND. 

Generation Four

8.Edwin Mathias4 Paul (Temple, #16) was born in Apr 1829 at Newmarket, NH. He married Mary Elizabeth Holden (see #9), daughter of JesseHolden and Mary Oliver, on 24 Nov 1853 at Boston, MA. He died on 19 Jun 1893 at E. Somerville, MA, at age 64.

Children of Edwin Mathias4 Paul and Mary Elizabeth Holden (see #9) were as follows:

9.Mary Elizabeth4 Holden (Jesse, #18) was born in 1833 at Malden, MA. She marriedEdwin Mathias Paul (see #8), son of Temple Paul andMercy W. Ewer, on 24 Nov 1853 at Boston, MA. She died on 14 Feb 1919 at Rochester, NY.

10.Darius Baldwin4 Mitchell (John, #20) was born on 21 Apr 1842 at Vermillion Co., IL. He married IsabelleHester (see #11), daughter of IsaacHester and (Eleanor ?) Hannah Reynolds, on 16 Oct 1862. He died on 17 Aug 1919 at Adel, IA, at age 77. He was buried at Adel, IA.

Children of Darius Baldwin4 Mitchell and Isabelle Hester (see #11) were as follows:

11.Isabelle4 Hester (Isaac, #22) was born on 9 Mar 1844 at Indiana. She marriedDarius Baldwin Mitchell (see #10), son ofJohn Hollen Mitchell andCaroline Baldwin, on 16 Oct 1862. She died on 10 May 1912 at Portland, OR, at age 68 while visiting the Lingmans. She was buried at Adel, IA.

12.Frederick William4 Petrie II (Frederic, #24) was born on 24 Sep 1816 at Herkimer, NY. He married Phoebe (Phebe) Treat (see #13), daughter of AlbertTreat and Laura Unknown, on 14 Jun 1847 at Herkimer, NY. He died on 8 Dec 1902 at Old Winchester, Emmons Co., ND, at age 86. He was buried at Lyons, MI.

Children of Frederick William4 PetrieII and Phoebe (Phebe) Treat (see #13) were as follows:

13.Phoebe (Phebe)4 Treat (Albert, #26) was born on 15 Apr 1827 at Martville, NY. She married Frederick William Petrie II (see #12), son of Frederic Petrie andCatherine Thumb, on 14 Jun 1847 at Herkimer, NY. She died on 14 Mar 1895 from cancer of the womb at age 67. She was buried at Lyons, MI.

14.William Bush4 Kyes (Ephraim, #28) was born on 27 Mar 1830 at Clayton, NY. He married LauraBotsford (see #15), daughter of HenryBotsford and Peggy Lasher, on 23 Feb 1860 at Lansdowne, ONT. He died on 6 Jun 1925 at Elwell, MI, at age 95 of gastro enteritis. He was buried at Elwell, MI.

Children of William Bush4 Kyes and LauraBotsford (see #15) were as follows:

15.Laura4 Botsford (Henry, #30) was born on 10 Apr 1837 at Elizabeth Twp., Leeds Co., ONT. She marriedWilliam Bush Kyes (see #14), son of Ephraim Kyes andEsther Frimewood (Friermouth), on 23 Feb 1860 at Lansdowne, ONT. She died on 25 Apr 1912 at Elwell, MI, at age 75 of diabetes. She was buried at Elwell, MI. 

Generation Five

16.Temple5Paul (Amos, #32) was born on 15 Oct 1795. He married Susan W. Burleigh, daughter of James Burleigh and DrusillaEwer, on 8 Dec 1822. He married Mercy W. Ewer (see #17). He died at Somerville, MA.

Children of Temple5 Paul and Mercy W. Ewer (see #17) were:

17.Mercy W.5 Ewer married Temple Paul (see #16), son ofAmos Paul and Margaret Tetherly.

18.Jesse5Holden (Jesse, #34) was born on 5 Dec 1806 at Malden, MA. He married Mary Oliver (see #19), daughter of William Oliver and Mary Unknown, on 18 May 1827 at Somerville, MA. He died in 1892.

Children of Jesse5 Holden and MaryOliver (see #19) were as follows:

19.Mary5 Oliver (William, #36) was born in Nov 1805 at Malden, MA. She marriedJesse Holden (see #18), son ofJesse Holden and Sally Dyer, on 18 May 1827 at Somerville, MA. She died on 24 Sep 1872 at Somerville, MA, at age 66.

20.John Hollen5 Mitchell was born on 11 Feb 1813 at Ohio. He married Caroline Baldwin (see #21), daughter of James Baldwin and Rachel Perry, on 12 May 1839 at Vermillion Co., IL. He died on 11 Dec 1898 at Madison Co., IA, at age 85. He was buried at Jefferson Twp., Madison Co., IA.

Children of John Hollen5 Mitchell and CarolineBaldwin (see #21) were as follows:

21.Caroline5 Baldwin (James, #38) was born on 25 Jul 1814 at Ohio. She marriedAmos Cord on 20 Sep 1832 at Brown Co., OH. She married John Hollen Mitchell (see #20) on 12 May 1839 at Vermillion Co., IL. She died on 30 Sep 1891 at Madison Co., IA, at age 77. She was buried at Jefferson Twp., Madison Co., IA.

22.Isaac5Hester (Francis, #40) was born on 9 Dec 1812 at Clinton Co, OH. He married (Eleanor ?) Hannah Reynolds (see #23), daughter of BenjaminReynolds and Ann Cowell, on 29 Jan 1834 at Wayne Co., IN. He married NellieBurnett. He died on 26 Jun 1871 at Madison Co, IA, at age 58. He was buried at Jefferson Twp., Madison Co., IA.

Children of Isaac5 Hester and (Eleanor ?) Hannah Reynolds (see #23) were as follows:

23.(Eleanor ?) Hannah5 Reynolds (Benjamin, #42) was born circa 1803. She married Isaac Hester (see #22), son ofFrancis Hester andMary Hodgson, on 29 Jan 1834 at Wayne Co., IN. She died on 21 Apr 1881. She was buried at Jefferson Twp., Madison Co., IA.

24.Frederic5Petrie (William Petry, #44) was born on 30 Oct 1777 at Fort Dayton, Herkimer, NY. He married CatherineThumb (see #25), daughter of MelchiorThumb and Elisabeth Hilts, on 1 Jan 1803. He died on 10 Feb 1851 at Herkimer, NY, at age 73. He was buried at Herkimer, NY.

Children of Frederic5 Petrie and CatherineThumb (see #25) were as follows:

25.Catherine5 Thumb (Melchior, #46) was born on 4 May 1782 at Herkimer, NY. She marriedFrederic Petrie (see #24), son ofDr. William Petry and Margaret Salome Wolf, on 1 Jan 1803. She died on 21 Jul 1846 at Herkimer, NY, at age 64. She was buried at Herkimer, NY.

26.Albert5Treat (Aaron, #48) married LauraUnknown (see #27) at NY.

Children of Albert5 Treat and LauraUnknown (see #27) were as follows:

27.Laura5 Unknown marriedAlbert Treat (see #26), son of Aaron Treat and Betsy Monroe, at NY.

28.Ephraim5Kyes (Asahel, #50) was born on 7 Feb 1798 at Lansdowne, Ont., Canada. He married EstherFrimewood (Friermouth) (see #29), daughter of John Adam (or Adam)Friermouth and MaryMoore, circa 1819 at Escott, Leeds Co., Ont. He died on 13 Feb 1869 at Lansdowne, Ont, at age 71.

Children of Ephraim5 Kyes and EstherFrimewood (Friermouth) (see #29) were as follows:

29.Esther5 Frimewood (Friermouth) (JohnFriermouth, #52) was born on 9 Aug 1802 at Barryfield, Ont., Canada. She marriedEphraim Kyes (see #28), son ofAsahel Kyes and Sarah Mosier, circa 1819 at Escott, Leeds Co., Ont. She died on 11 Apr 1890 at Ovid, MI, at age 87. She was buried at Sec. 2 Lot 310, Elsie, MI.

30.Henry5Botsford married Peggy Lasher (see #31).

Children of Henry5 Botsford and PeggyLasher (see #31) were:

31.Peggy5 Lasher marriedHenry Botsford (see #30). 

Generation Six

32.Amos6Paul (Amos, #54) was born in 1744. He married MargaretTetherly (see #33) on 8 May 1777. He died in 1795.

Children of Amos6 Paul and MargaretTetherly (see #33) were as follows:

33.Margaret6 Tetherly marriedAmos Paul (see #32), son of Amos Paul and Ann Brooks, on 8 May 1777.

34.Jesse6Holden (John, #56) was born on 17 May 1769 at Stoneham. He married Sally Dyer (see #35), daughter of Joseph Dyer and Sally Merritt, on 9 Dec 1805 at Malden. He died on 16 Jan 1860 at Mt. Vernon, ME, at age 90. He was buried at Malden, MA.

Children of Jesse6 Holden and SallyDyer (see #35) were as follows:

35.Sally6 Dyer (Joseph, #58) was born on 10 Nov 1779. She marriedJesse Holden (see #34), son of John Holden and Mary Knight, on 9 Dec 1805 at Malden. She died on 14 Sep 1849 at Farmington, ME, at age 69. She was buried at Malden.

36.William6Oliver married Mary Unknown (see #37).

Children of William6 Oliver and MaryUnknown (see #37) were:

37.Mary6 Unknown marriedWilliam Oliver (see #36).

38.James6Baldwin (John, #60) was born on 29 Jul 1788 at Fredrick Co MD. He married RachelPerry (see #39), daughter of JudgeNeedham Perry and ElizabethMcgiviney, on 6 Sep 1813 at Near Manchester, Adams Co, OH. He died on 17 Sep 1838 at Vermillion Co., IL, at age 50. He was buried.

Children of James6 Baldwin and RachelPerry (see #39) were as follows:

39.Rachel6 Perry (Needham, #62) was born on 21 Sep 1795 at Ohio. She marriedJames Baldwin (see #38), son of John Baldwin and Mary Elizabeth Currey, on 6 Sep 1813 at Near Manchester, Adams Co, OH. She died on 5 Dec 1867 at Madison Co., IA, at age 72 at home of her son-in-law, Abram Golden. She was buried at Jefferson Twp., Madison Co., IA.

40.Francis6Hester (Robert, #64) was born on 13 Feb 1767. He married Mary Hodgson (see #41), daughter of John Hodgson and Mary Mills, on 1 Jan 1794 at Guilfrd Co., NC. He died on 30 Jan 1848 at age 80.

Children of Francis6 Hester and MaryHodgson (see #41) were as follows:

41.Mary6 Hodgson (John, #66) was born on 9 May 1769 at Guilford Co, NC. She marriedFrancis Hester (see #40), son ofRobert Hester and Elizabeth Unknown, on 1 Jan 1794 at Guilfrd Co., NC. She died on 19 Jan 1825 at Wayne Co, IN, at age 55.

42.Benjamin6Reynolds married Ann Cowell (see #43).

Children of Benjamin6 Reynolds and AnnCowell (see #43) were:

43.Ann6 Cowell marriedBenjamin Reynolds (see #42).

44.William6PetryDr. (Jacob, #68) was born on 9 Dec 1733 at Nierstein, Germany. He marriedMargaret Salome Wolf (see #45), daughter of JohnWolf, on 22 Dec 1766 at Schuyler, Herkimer Co., NY. He died on 20 Aug 1806 at Herkimer, NY, at age 72. He was buried at Herkimer, NY, ,originally, in the "Old Cemetery" (now Myers Park) but the tombstone is now at the Reformed Church.

Children of William6 Petry Dr. and Margaret Salome Wolf (see #45) were as follows:

45.Margaret Salome6 Wolf (John, #70) was born in 1739 at Wisselheim, Germany. She married Dr. William Petry (see #44), son of Jacob Andrew Petry and Anna Marie Unknown, on 22 Dec 1766 at Schuyler, Herkimer Co., NY. She died on 18 Jan 1820 at Herkimer, NY. She was buried at Herkimer, NY.

46.Melchior6Thumb was born circa 1745. He married ElisabethHilts (see #47), daughter of GeorgeHilts Sr. and Maria ElizabethFeller, by 1770. He died on 23 Apr 1804.

Children of Melchior6 Thumb and ElisabethHilts (see #47) were as follows:

47.Elisabeth6 Hilts (George, #71) was born circa 1745. She marriedMelchior Thumb (see #46) by 1770. She died on 11 Feb 1828.

48.Aaron6Treat (Ashbel, #73) was born at Lenox, MA. He married BetsyMonroe (see #49). He died at Conquest, NY.

Children of Aaron6 Treat and BetsyMonroe (see #49) were as follows:

49.Betsy6 Monroe marriedAaron Treat (see #48), son of Ashbel Treat and Dorcas Waterman. She died at Conquest, NY.

50.Asahel6Kyes married Sarah Mosier (see #51), daughter of Lewis Mosher and Mary Freeman. He died on 14 Jul 1813 at Lansdowne Twp., Leeds Co., Ont. He was buried at Lansdowne, Ont.

Children of Asahel6 Kyes and SarahMosier (see #51) were as follows:

51.Sarah6 Mosier (Lewis Mosher, #75) was born circa 1778 at Quebec. She marriedAsahel Kyes (see #50). She marriedThomas Yates. She died on 6 Sep 1859 at Lansdowne, Ont. She was buried at Lansdowne Cemetery, Lansdowne Ont.

52.John Adam (or Adam)6 Friermouth ('English, #77) was born at England. He married MaryMoore (see #53) at New York State ? He died in 1808 at Canada ?

Children of John Adam (or Adam)6 Friermouth and Mary Moore (see #53) were as follows:

53.Mary6 Moore marriedJohn Adam (or Adam) Friermouth (see #52), son of'English Officer' Friermouth, at New York State ? She died in 1812. 

Generation Seven

54.Amos7Paul (John, #78) was born on 19 Feb 1712/13 at Kittery, York, ME. He married AnnBrooks (see #55), daughter of WilliamBrooks and Mary Fogg, on 5 Sep 1738. He died between 1776 and 1777.

Children of Amos7 Paul and AnnBrooks (see #55) were as follows:

55.Ann7 Brooks (William, #80) marriedAmos Paul (see #54), son ofJohn Paul and Margaret Tobey, on 5 Sep 1738.

56.John7Holden (Samuel, #82) was born on 24 Oct 1738 at Stoneham. He married Mary Knight (see #57), daughter of Joseph Knight and SarahRichardson, on 5 Dec 1760 at Stoneham. He died on 28 Feb 1807 at Otisfield, ME, at age 68. He was buried at Otisfield, ME.

Children of John7 Holden and MaryKnight (see #57) were as follows:

57.Mary7 Knight (Joseph, #84) was born on 28 Feb 1741/42. She marriedJohn Holden (see #56), son of Samuel Holden and Elizabeth Dix, on 5 Dec 1760 at Stoneham. She died on 21 May 1842 at age 100. She was buried at Otisfield, ME.

58.Joseph7Dyer married Sally Merritt (see #59).

Children of Joseph7 Dyer and SallyMerritt (see #59) were:

59.Sally7 Merritt marriedJoseph Dyer (see #58).

60.John7Baldwin (Stephen, #86) was born in 1757 at near Princeton, NJ. He married Mary Elizabeth Currey (see #61) in 1780. He died on 14 Oct 1848 at Manchester, OH. He was buried at Liberty Twp., Adams Co, OH.

Children of John7 Baldwin and Mary Elizabeth Currey (see #61) were as follows:

61.Mary Elizabeth7 Currey was born at Ireland. She married Capt. John Barker. She married John Baldwin (see #60), son of Stephen Baldwin and Phebe Unknown, in 1780. She died on 5 Nov 1835 at Adams, OH. She was buried at Liberty Twp., Adams Co., OH.

62.JudgeNeedham7Perry was born in 1768. He married ElizabethMcgiviney (see #63). He died in 1861.

Children of Judge Needham7 Perry and Elizabeth Mcgiviney (see #63) were:

63.Elizabeth7 Mcgiviney marriedJudgeNeedham Perry (see #62).

64.Robert7Hester (Francis, #88) was born circa 1745. He married Elizabeth Unknown (see #65) circa 1766. He died in 1802.

Children of Robert7 Hester and ElizabethUnknown (see #65) were as follows:

65.Elizabeth7 Unknown marriedRobert Hester (see #64), son ofFrancis Hester and Agnes Unknown, circa 1766.

66.John7Hodgson (George, #90) was born on 4 Aug 1731. He married Mary Mills (see #67), daughter of ThomasMills and ElizabethHarrold, in 1754 at Guilford Co, NC. He died in 1804 at Guilford, NC.

Children of John7 Hodgson and MaryMills (see #67) were as follows:

67.Mary7 Mills (Thomas, #92) was born on 4 Dec 1731 at Chester Co, PA. She marriedJohn Hodgson (see #66), son ofGeorge Hodgson andMary Thatcher, in 1754 at Guilford Co, NC. She died in 1804 at Guilford Co, NC.

68.Jacob Andrew7 Petry was born on 6 Feb 1705 at Nierstein, Germany. He married Anna Marie Unknown (see #69). He died on 6 May 1772 at age 67.

Children of Jacob Andrew7 Petry and Anna Marie Unknown (see #69) all born at Nierstein, Germany, were as follows:

69.Anna Marie7 Unknown was born on 25 Jan 1711. She married Jacob Andrew Petry (see #68). She died on 11 Sep 1783 at age 72.

70.John7Wolf was born ca 1710-1725 at Germany.

Children of John7 Wolf and an unknown spouse were as follows:

71.George7 HiltsSr. (Christofel, #94) was born between 1702 and 1712. He married Maria Elizabeth Feller (see #72), daughter of Nicholas Feller andMagdalena Elisabeth Brown. He died before 1790.

Children of George7 Hilts Sr. and Maria Elizabeth Feller (see #72) were as follows:

72.Maria Elizabeth7 Feller (Nicholas, #96) was born in 1712. She married George Hilts Sr. (see #71), son of Christofel (Stofel or Christofer) Hilts and Eva Catherina Unknown.

73.Ashbel7Treat (Richard, #98) married DorcasWaterman (see #74). He died circa 1780 at Lenox, Berkshire, CT.

Children of Ashbel7 Treat and DorcasWaterman (see #74) were as follows:

74.Dorcas7 Waterman marriedAshbel Treat (see #73), son of Rev. Richard Treat and Susanna Woodbridge. She died on 8 Aug 1804 at Auburn, NY.

75.Lewis7Mosher (Nicholas, #100) was born circa 1756. He married Mary Freeman (see #76), daughter of John Freeman, in 1777. He died before 5 Feb 1835 at Wolfe Island, Frontenac Co, ON.

Children of Lewis7 Mosher and MaryFreeman (see #76) were as follows:

76.Mary7 Freeman (John, #102) marriedLewis Mosher (see #75), son ofNicholas Mosher andRebecca Wilcox, in 1777. She died after 5 Feb 1835 at probably Wolfe Island, ON.

77.'English Officer'7 Friermouth was born at England. He died at England.

Children of 'English Officer'7 Friermouth and an unknown spouse were:

Generation Eight

78.John8Paul (Stephen, #103) was born in 1682 at Kittery, York, ME. He married MargaretTobey (see #79), daughter of JamesTobey and Katherine Unknown, circa 1706. He died after 1717.

Children of John8 Paul and MargaretTobey (see #79) were as follows:

79.Margaret8 Tobey (James, #105) marriedJohn Paul (see #78), son ofStephen Paul and Catherine Maverick, circa 1706. She died before 1717.

80.William8Brooks married Mary Fogg (see #81).

Children of William8 Brooks and MaryFogg (see #81) were:

81.Mary8 Fogg marriedWilliam Brooks (see #80).

82.Samuel8Holden (Samuel, #107) was born on 23 Jul 1699 at Stoneham. He married ElizabethDix (see #83) on 29 Aug 1728. He died on 12 Oct 1761 at Stoneham at age 62.

Children of Samuel8 Holden and ElizabethDix (see #83) were as follows:

83.Elizabeth8 Dix was born on 28 Apr 1699. She marriedSamuel Holden (see #82), son ofSamuel Holden and Anna Unknown, on 29 Aug 1728. She died on 10 Jan 1774 at age 74.

84.Joseph8Knight married Sarah Richardson (see #85).

Children of Joseph8 Knight and SarahRichardson (see #85) were:

85.Sarah8 Richardson marriedJoseph Knight (see #84).

86.Stephen8Baldwin (Elnathan, #109) was born circa 1712 at Newark, NJ. He married PhebeUnknown (see #87). He died in 1762 at Frederick, MD.

Children of Stephen8 Baldwin and PhebeUnknown (see #87) were as follows:

87.Phebe8 Unknown marriedStephen Baldwin (see #86), son of Elnathan Baldwin and Keziah Prudden.

88.Francis8Hester (Robert, #111) was born circa 1712. He married Agnes Unknown circa 1744. He died after 1777.

Children of Francis8 Hester and AgnesUnknown (see #89) were:

89.Agnes8 Unknown.

90.George8Hodgson was born in 1701 at England. He married MaryThatcher (see #91), daughter of JonathonThatcher and HannahDicks, in 1729 at Wilmington, DE. He died in 1774 at NC.

Children of George8 Hodgson and MaryThatcher (see #91) were as follows:

91.Mary8 Thatcher (Jonathon, #113) was born at PA. She marriedGeorge Hodgson (see #90) in 1729 at Wilmington, DE.

92.Thomas8Mills (John, #115) was born in 1709 at Virginia or Maryland ?? He married ElizabethHarrold (see #93), daughter of RichardHarrold and MaryBeals, on 18 Apr 1730 at Chester Co, PA. He died on 10 Sep 1793 at Guilford Co, NC.

Children of Thomas8 Mills and ElizabethHarrold (see #93) were as follows:

93.Elizabeth8 Harrold (Richard, #117) was born on 1 Mar 1711. She marriedThomas Mills (see #92), son of John Mills and Rachel Bates, on 18 Apr 1730 at Chester Co, PA. She died on 9 Sep 1771 at Guilford Co, NC, at age 60.

94.Christofel (Stofel or Christofer)8 Hilts was born ca 1670-1680 at near Marth, Germany. He married Eva Catherina Unknown (see #95) before 1698 at Marth, Germany. He died before Feb 1757.

Children of Christofel (Stofel or Christofer)8Hilts and Eva Catherina Unknown (see #95) were as follows:

95.Eva Catherina8 Unknown married Christofel (Stofel or Christofer) Hilts (see #94) before 1698 at Marth, Germany.

96.Nicholas8Feller married Magdalena ElisabethBrown (see #97).

Children of Nicholas8 Feller and Magdalena Elisabeth Brown (see #97) were:

97.Magdalena Elisabeth8 Brown married Nicholas Feller (see #96).

98.Richard8TreatRev. (Thomas, #119) was born on 14 May 1694 at Glastonbury, CT. He married SusannaWoodbridge (see #99), daughter of Rev. Timothy Woodbridge, on 7 Aug 1728. He died circa 1759.

Children of Richard8 Treat Rev. and Susanna Woodbridge (see #99) were as follows:

99.Susanna8 Woodbridge (Rev. Timothy, #121) marriedRev. RichardTreat (see #98), son of Lieut. Thomas Treat and Dorothy Bulkley, on 7 Aug 1728. She died after 1738.

100.Nicholas8Mosher (Nicholas, #122) was born on 1 Jan 1702/3 at Dartmouth, MA. He married RebeccaWilcox (see #101), daughter of JohnWilcox and Rebecca Unknown, on 20 Jan 1729. He died after 1765 at probably Beekman, Dutchess Co, NY.

Children of Nicholas8 Mosher and RebeccaWilcox (see #101) were as follows:

101.Rebecca8 Wilcox (John, #124) was born on 14 Aug 1711. She marriedNicholas Mosher (see #100), son of Nicholas Mosher and Elizabeth Audley, on 20 Jan 1729. She died in 1778.


Children of John8 Freeman and an unknown spouse were:

Generation Nine

103.Stephen9Paul (Daniel, #126) was born in 1644 at Kittery, York, ME. He married CatherineMaverick (see #104), daughter of AntipasMaverick and Katherine Unknown, after 18 Jul 1672. He died circa 1695 at Kittery, York Co, ME.

Children of Stephen9 Paul and CatherineMaverick (see #104) were as follows:

104.Catherine9 Maverick (Antipas, #128) was born circa 1652 at Kittery, York Co, ME. She marriedStephen Paul (see #103), son ofDaniel Paul and Elizabeth Lever, after 18 Jul 1672. She died after 1706.

105.James9Tobey married Katherine Unknown (see #106) in 1669. He married Ann Unknown. He died on 21 May 1705.

Children of James9 Tobey and KatherineUnknown (see #106) were as follows:

106.Katherine9 Unknown marriedJames Tobey (see #105) in 1669.

107.Samuel9Holden (Richard, #130) was born in 1650/51. He married Anna Unknown (see #108). He died in 1739. He was buried at Stoneham.

Children of Samuel9 Holden and AnnaUnknown (see #108) were as follows:

108.Anna9 Unknown marriedSamuel Holden (see #107), son of Richard Holden and Martha Fosdick.

109.Elnathan9Baldwin (John, #132) was born in 1687 at Newark, NJ. He married Keziah Prudden (see #110), daughter of Rev. John Prudden, at Newark, NJ. He died on 7 Dec 1738 at Hopewell Twp, Hunterdon Co, NJ.

Children of Elnathan9 Baldwin and KeziahPrudden (see #110) were as follows:

110.Keziah9 Prudden (John, #134) was born at LI, NY. She marriedElnathan Baldwin (see #109), son of John Baldwin Jr. and Ruth Botsford, at Newark, NJ. She died at Hopewell Twp, Hunterdon Co, NJ.

111.Robert9Hester (Francis, #135) was born in 1686 at New Kent Co, VA. He married RachelMcallister (see #112) circa 1710. He died in 1748 at Louisa Co, VA.

Children of Robert9 Hester and RachelMcallister (see #112) were as follows:

112.Rachel9 Mcallister marriedRobert Hester (see #111), son of Francis Hester, circa 1710.

113.Jonathon9Thatcher (Richard, #136) was born in 1667 at England. He married Hannah Dicks (see #114), daughter of Peter Dicks and EstherMaddock, in 1699/0 at Chester, PA. He died in 1750 at Thornbury, Deleware, PA.

Children of Jonathon9 Thatcher and HannahDicks (see #114) were:

114.Hannah9 Dicks (Peter, #138) was born circa 1682 at Cheshire, England. She marriedJonathon Thatcher (see #113), son ofRichard Thatcher andJane Stevens, in 1699/0 at Chester, PA.

115.John9Mills (John, #140) was born in 1688 at Pennsylvania. He married Rachel Bates (see #116) in 1708 at Chester Co, PA. He married RebeckahUnknown circa 1741 at VA or MD? He died on 24 Nov 1760 at Rowan Co, NC.

Children of John9 Mills and RachelBates (see #116) were as follows:

116.Rachel9 Bates was born circa 1688. She marriedJohn Mills (see #115), son ofJohn Mills and Sarah Harrold, in 1708 at Chester Co, PA. She died in 1740 at Monocacy, MD.

117.Richard9Harrold married Mary Beals (see #118), daughter of John Beals and Mary Clayton.

Children of Richard9 Harrold and MaryBeals (see #118) were as follows:

118.Mary9 Beals (John, #142) was born on 24 Jan 1692 at PA. She marriedRichard Harrold (see #117).

119.Thomas9TreatLieut. (Richard, #144) was born on 12 Dec 1668 at Wethersfield, CT. He married DorothyBulkley (see #120), daughter of Rev. GershomBulkley and Sarah Chauncey, on 5 Jul 1693. He died on 17 Jan 1712/13 at Glastonbury, CT, at age 44. He was buried at Glastonbury, CT.

Children of Thomas9 Treat Lieut. and Dorothy Bulkley (see #120) all born at Glastonbury, CT, were as follows:

120.Dorothy9 Bulkley (Gershom, #146) was born circa 1662. She marriedLieut. Thomas Treat (see #119), son of Richard Treat and Sarah Coleman, on 5 Jul 1693. She died in 1757.

121.Rev. Timothy9 Woodbridge.

Children of Rev. Timothy9 Woodbridge and an unknown spouse were:

122.Nicholas9 Mosher (Hugh, #148) was born circa 1666. He marriedElizabeth Audley (see #123). He died on 14 Aug 1747 at Tiverton, RI.

Children of Nicholas9 Mosher and ElizabethAudley (see #123) were as follows:

123.Elizabeth9 Audley marriedNicholas Mosher (see #122), son of Hugh Mosher and Rebecca Maxson.

124.John9Wilcox (Daniel, #150) was born circa 1670. He married Rebecca Unknown (see #125) in 1698 at Little Compton. He died before 26 Feb 1717/18 at Little Compton.

Children of John9 Wilcox and RebeccaUnknown (see #125) were as follows:

125.Rebecca9 Unknown was born in 1680. She marriedJohn Wilcox (see #124), son ofDaniel Wilcox andElizabeth Cooke, in 1698 at Little Compton. She died after 21 Mar 1726/27. 

Generation Ten

126.Daniel10Paul married Elizabeth Lever (see #127) on 9 Feb 1617 at Ipswich, Suffolk, England. He died after 22 Aug 1672.

Children of Daniel10 Paul and ElizabethLever (see #127) were as follows:

127.Elizabeth10 Lever was born on 30 Nov 1590 at Ipswich, Suffolk, England. She marriedDaniel Paul (see #126) on 9 Feb 1617 at Ipswich, Suffolk, England.

128.Antipas10Maverick (John, #152) was born circa 1619 at England. He married Katherine Unknown (see #129). He died on 2 Jul 1678.

Children of Antipas10 Maverick and KatherineUnknown (see #129) were as follows:

129.Katherine10 Unknown marriedAntipas Maverick (see #128), son of. Rev. John Maverick and Mary Gye.

130.Richard10Holden (William, #154) was born in 1609 at Lindsey, County Suffolf, England. He married MarthaFosdick (see #131), daughter of StephenFosdick, circa 1641. He died on 1 Mar 1695/96 at Groton, MA.

Children of Richard10 Holden and MarthaFosdick (see #131) were as follows:

131.Martha10 Fosdick (Stephen, #155) was born in 1620 at England. She marriedRichardHolden (see #130), son of William Holden, circa 1641. She died on 6 Dec 1681 at Watertown.

132.John10BaldwinJr. (John, #156) was born circa 1640 at Milford, CT. He married HannahBruen, daughter of Obadiah Bruen, on 3 Oct 1663. He married Ruth Botsford (see #133), daughter of Henry Botsford and ElizabethUnknown, before 1684. He died on 13 Dec 1739.

Children of John10 Baldwin Jr. and Ruth Botsford (see #133) were as follows:

133.Ruth10 Botsford (Henry, #158) was born in 1649 at Milford, CT. She marriedJohn Baldwin Jr. (see #132), son of John Baldwin Sr. and Mary (East) Camp, before 1684. She died in 1717 at Newark, NJ.

134.John10PruddenRev. (Peter, #160) was born in Nov 1645 at Milford, CT. He died on 11 Dec 1725 at age 80. He was buried at Rear of the First Church of Newark.

Children of John10 Prudden Rev. and an unknown spouse were as follows:

135.Francis10 Hester was born circa 1655 at New Kent Co, VA. He married an unknown person circa 1685. He died circa 1720 at New Kent.

Children of Francis10 Hester and an unknown spouse were:

136.Richard10 Thatcher was born at England. He marriedJaneStevens (see #137). He died in 1722 at Thornbury, Deleware, PA.

Children of Richard10 Thatcher and JaneStevens (see #137) were:

137.Jane10 Stevens marriedRichardThatcher (see #136).

138.Peter10Dicks was born between 1660 and 1666 at Cheshire, England. He married EstherMaddock (see #139) in Nov 1681 at Cheshire, England. He died in 1704 at Birmingham, Chester, PA.

Children of Peter10 Dicks and EstherMaddock (see #139) were:

139.Esther10 Maddock was born on 16 Feb 1661 at Cheshire, England. She marriedPeter Dicks (see #138) in Nov 1681 at Cheshire, England. She died at Virginia.

140.John10Mills (John, #162) was born between 1660 and 1665 at England. He married SarahHarrold (see #141). He died on 17 Jan 1704 at Philadelphia, Montgomery, PA.

Children of John10 Mills and SarahHarrold (see #141) were:

141.Sarah10 Harrold marriedJohn Mills (see #140), son of John Mills and Mary Kenion. She died on 17 Oct 1759.

142.John10Beals married Mary Clayton (see #143), daughter of WilliamClayton and Prudence Lanckford, on 1 Nov 1682 at PA. He died in 1726 at PA.

Children of John10 Beals and MaryClayton (see #143) were as follows:

143.Mary10 Clayton (William, #164) was born on 29 Jun 1665 at England. She marriedJohn Beals (see #142) on 1 Nov 1682 at PA.

144.Richard10Treat (Richard, #166) was born in 1622/23 at Pitminster, Somerset, England. He married SarahColeman (see #145), daughter of ThomasColeman, circa 1661. He died circa 1693 at Wethersfield, CT.

Children of Richard10 Treat and SarahColeman (see #145) all born at Wethersfield, CT, were as follows:

145.Sarah10 Coleman (Thomas, #168) marriedRichard Treat (see #144), son ofRichard Treat andAlice Gaylard, circa 1661. She died on 23 Aug 1734 at Rocky Hill, Wethersfield, CT.

146.Gershom10BulkleyRev. married SarahChauncey (see #147).

Children of Gershom10 Bulkley Rev. and Sarah Chauncey (see #147) were:

147.Sarah10 Chauncey marriedRev. Gershom Bulkley (see #146).

148.Hugh10Mosher (Nicholas, #169) was born circa 1633. He married Rebecca Maxson (see #149), daughter of Richard Maxson and Rebecca Unknown. He married SarahButcher Harding before 25 Feb 1708. He died before 7 Dec 1713 at Newport, RI.

Children of Hugh10 Mosher and RebeccaMaxson (see #149) were as follows:

149.Rebecca10 Maxson (Richard, #170) marriedHugh Mosher (see #148), son ofNicholas Mosher. She died in 1707/8.

150.Daniel10Wilcox (Edward, #172) was born on 4 Mar 1622/23 at Croft Co, Lincolnshire, England. He married ElizabethCooke (see #151), daughter of JohnCooke and Sarah Warren, on 28 Nov 1661 at Plymouth. He died on 2 Jul 1702 at Tiverton (now RI) at age 79.

Children of Daniel10 Wilcox and ElizabethCooke (see #151) were as follows:

151.Elizabeth10 Cooke (John, #174) was born before 1644 at Plymouth. She marriedDaniel Wilcox (see #150), son of Edward Wilcox and Susannah Thomson, on 28 Nov 1661 at Plymouth. She died on 6 Dec 1715 at Tiverton. 

Generation Eleven

152.John11MaverickRev. (Peter, #176) married Mary Gye (see #153), daughter of RobertGye and GraceDowerish, on 28 Oct 1600 at Ilsington, Devon, England. He died on 3 Feb 1635/36 at Dorchester, MA, at age 57.

Children of John11 Maverick Rev. and Mary Gye (see #153) were as follows:

153.Mary11 Gye (Robert, #178) was born circa 1580 at Sanford, Devon, England. She marriedRev. John Maverick (see #152), son of Peter Maverick andDorothy Tucke, on 28 Oct 1600 at Ilsington, Devon, England. She died between Dec 1665 and 9 Oct 1666. Mary Gye has well documented connections back to European royalty (as far back as 450 AD), which have not been included in this compilation.

154.William11Holden was born on 26 Mar 1580 at England. He died on 8 Oct 1619 at England at age 39.

Children of William11 Holden and an unknown spouse were as follows:

155.Stephen11 Fosdick.

Children of Stephen11 Fosdick and an unknown spouse were:

156.John11 Baldwin Sr. (John, #180) was born on 24 Jun 1619 at Buck., Eng. He married Mary (East) Camp (see #157) on 15 Aug 1640 at Milford, CT. He marriedMary Bruen. He died on 6 Jun 1681 at Milford, CT, at age 61. He was buried at Milford, CT.

Children of John11 Baldwin Sr. and Mary (East) Camp (see #157) were as follows:

157.Mary11 (East) Camp was born circa 1626 at Hazing, Essex, England. She marriedJohn Baldwin Sr. (see #156), son of John Baldwin andHannah Unknown, on 15 Aug 1640 at Milford, CT. She died circa 1652 at Milford, CT.

158.Henry11Botsford married Elizabeth Unknown (see #159).

Children of Henry11 Botsford and ElizabethUnknown (see #159) were:

159.Elizabeth11 Unknown marriedHenry Botsford (see #158).

160.Rev. Peter11Prudden was born at England. He married JoannaBoyse (see #161), daughter of Rev. JohnBoyse and Joanna Unknown. He died in Jul 1656 at Milford, CT.

Children of Rev. Peter11 Prudden and Joanna Boyse (see #161) were as follows:

161.Joanna11 Boyse (John, #182) marriedRev. Peter Prudden (see #160).

162.John11Mills was born circa 1640 at England. He married MaryKenion (see #163).

Children of John11 Mills and MaryKenion (see #163) were:

163.Mary11 Kenion was born on 20 Nov 1642 at England. She marriedJohn Mills (see #162).

164.William11Clayton married Prudence Lanckford (see #165).

Children of William11 Clayton and PrudenceLanckford (see #165) were:

165.Prudence11 Lanckford marriedWilliam Clayton (see #164).

166.Richard11Treat (Robert Trott, #184) was born in 1584 at Pitminster, Somerset, England. He married AliceGaylard (see #167) on 27 Apr 1615 at Pitminster, Somerset, England. He died in 1669/70 at Wethersfield, CT.

Children of Richard11 Treat and AliceGaylard (see #167) were:

167.Alice11 Gaylard marriedRichard Treat (see #166), son of Robert Trott and Honora or Honour Unknown, on 27 Apr 1615 at Pitminster, Somerset, England.


Children of Thomas11 Coleman and an unknown spouse were:

169.Nicholas11 Mosher.

Children of Nicholas11 Mosher and an unknown spouse were:

170.Richard11 Maxson marriedRebecca Unknown (see #171).

Children of Richard11 Maxson and RebeccaUnknown (see #171) were:

171.Rebecca11 Unknown marriedRichard Maxson (see #170).

172.Edward11Wilcox marriedSusannah Thomson (see #173).

Children of Edward11 Wilcox and SusannahThomson (see #173) were:

173.Susannah11 Thomson marriedEdward Wilcox (see #172).

174.John11Cooke (Francis, #186) married SarahWarren (see #175), daughter of RichardWarren and Elzabeth Unknown, on 28 Mar 1634 at Plymouth, MA. He died on 23 Nov 1695 at Dartmouth, MA, at age 88.

Children of John11 Cooke and SarahWarren (see #175) all born at Plymouth were as follows:

175.Sarah11 Warren (Richard, #188) was born circa 1614 at probably England. She marriedJohn Cooke (see #174), son ofFrancis Cooke andHester Mahieu, on 28 Mar 1634 at Plymouth, MA. She died after 15 Jul 1696. 

Generation Twelve

176.Peter12Maverick (Robert, #190) was born circa 1550. He married Dorothy Tucke (see #177) on 7 Dec 1577 at England. He died on 3 Feb 1616 at Awliscombe, Devon, England.

Children of Peter12 Maverick and DorothyTucke (see #177) were as follows:

177.Dorothy12 Tucke marriedPeter Maverick (see #176), son of Robert Maverick, on 7 Dec 1577 at England.

178.Robert12Gye (John, #191) was born circa 1531. He married Grace Dowerish (see #179), daughter of Thomas Dowerish and AnnFarrington, circa 1555. He died between 1604 and 1608.

Children of Robert12 Gye and GraceDowerish (see #179) were:

179.Grace12 Dowerish (Thomas, #193) was born circa 1536. She marriedRobert Gye (see #178), son of John Gye and Mary Prowse, circa 1555.

180.John12Baldwin (Henry, #195) was born circa 1565 at Buckingham, England. He married HannahUnknown (see #181). He died on 14 Oct 1637 at Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England.

Children of John12 Baldwin and HannahUnknown (see #181) were:

181.Hannah12 Unknown marriedJohn Baldwin (see #180), son of Henry Baldwin and Alice King.

182.Rev. John12Boyse married JoannaUnknown (see #183).

Children of Rev. John12 Boyse and JoannaUnknown (see #183) were:

183.Joanna12 Unknown marriedRev. John Boyse (see #182).

184.Robert12Trott (Richard, #197) married Honora or Honour Unknown (see #185). He died. He was buried on 16 Feb 1599 at Pitminster, Somerset, England.

Children of Robert12 Trott and Honora or Honour Unknown (see #185) were as follows:

185.Honora or Honour12 Unknown married Robert Trott (see #184), son ofRichard Trott andJoanna Unknown.

186.Francis12Cooke was born circa 1583 at England. He married HesterMahieu (see #187), daughter of JennieUnknown, on 4 Jul 1603 at Leyden, Holland. He died on 7 Apr 1663 at Plymouth, MA.

Children of Francis12 Cooke and HesterMahieu (see #187) were as follows:

187.Hester12 Mahieu (Jennie Unknown, #199) was born at Canterbury, England (?). She marriedFrancis Cooke (see #186) on 4 Jul 1603 at Leyden, Holland.

188.Richard12Warren was born at England. He married ElzabethUnknown (see #189). He died in 1628 at Plymouth.

Children of Richard12 Warren and ElzabethUnknown (see #189) were as follows:

189.Elzabeth12 Unknown marriedRichard Warren (see #188). 

Generation Thirteen


Children of Robert13 Maverick and an unknown spouse were:

191.John13 Gye marriedMary Prowse (see #192).

Children of John13 Gye and MaryProwse (see #192) were:

192.Mary13 Prowse marriedJohn Gye (see #191).

193.Thomas13Dowerish married Ann Farrington (see #194).

Children of Thomas13 Dowerish and AnnFarrington (see #194) were:

194.Ann13 Farrington marriedThomas Dowerish (see #193).

195.Henry13Baldwin (Richard, #200) was born in 1529 at Buckingham, England. He married AliceKing (see #196). He died in May 1602 at Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire, England.

Children of Henry13 Baldwin and AliceKing (see #196) were as follows:

196.Alice13 King was born circa 1533 at Buckingham, England. She marriedHenry Baldwin (see #195), son ofRichard Baldwin andEllen Apuke/Pooke. She died in 1626 at Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire, England.

197.Richard13Trott (William, #202) married JoannaUnknown (see #198). He died circa 1571.

Children of Richard13 Trott and JoannaUnknown (see #198) were as follows:

198.Joanna13 Unknown marriedRichard Trott (see #197), son of William Trott.


Children of Jennie13 Unknown and an unknown spouse were:

Generation Fourteen

200.Richard14Baldwin (John, #203) was born circa 1503 at Hayle, Buckingham, England. He married EllenApuke/Pooke (see #201) circa 1526. He died in 1553 at Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire, England.

Children of Richard14 Baldwin and EllenApuke/Pooke (see #201) were as follows:

201.Ellen14 Apuke/Pooke was born circa 1507 at Buckingham, England. She marriedRichard Baldwin (see #200), son ofJohn Baldwin Sir and Agnes Dormer, circa 1526. She died either 24 Nov 1565 or 25 Oct 1566 at Aston Clintin, Buchinghamshire, Engkand.

202.William14Trott (John, #205).

Children of William14 Trott and an unknown spouse were as follows:

Generation Fifteen

203.John15BaldwinSir (William, #206) was born on 11 Aug 1470 at Buckingham, England. He married AgnesDormer (see #204), daughter of WilliamDormer and Agnes Lancelyn. He died on 24 Oct 1565 at age 95.

Children of John15 Baldwin Sir and Agnes Dormer (see #204) were as follows:

204.Agnes15 Dormer (William, #208) was born in 1482 at Hayle, Buckingham, England. She marriedJohn Baldwin Sir (see #203), son of William Baldwin andJane Aylesbury.


Children of John15 Trott and an unknown spouse were:

Generation Sixteen

206.William16Baldwin was born circa 1441 at England. He married JaneAylesbury (see #207), daughter of RichardAylesbury.

Children of William16 Baldwin and JaneAylesbury (see #207) were:

207.Jane16 Aylesbury (Richard, #210) marriedWilliam Baldwin (see #206).

208.William16Dormer was born in 1455. He married AgnesLancelyn (see #209).

Children of William16 Dormer and AgnesLancelyn (see #209) were:

209.Agnes16 Lancelyn marriedWilliam Dormer (see #208). 

Generation Seventeen


Children of Richard17 Aylesbury and an unknown spouse were:

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