Henderson County ARES



Henderson County ARES
Field Day 2014

George Price


George Price


Jim Rayburn


Jim Rayburn



Henderson County Emergency Appreciation Day 2012

The ARES and CERT Display

Phyllis KJ4ZSB setting up the HF antenna

The ARES display

The antennas

Mike WD9JJV and Phyllis KJ4ZSB working the CERT table

Henderson County ARES
Field Day 2012
Photos supplied by Jim Rayburn KC4BQK

Donnie KJ4NNC

HF station

Packet and HSMM Station

HSMM Antenna

The Good Food!

Trent KJ4KAF

Putting his homebrew 20m Dipole up

Trent KJ4KAF and Donnie KI4NNC

working on the antenna

Kimber KI4GWN

Thinking hard about the radio

Kenny N4KLG

Assisting with the 20m Dipole

Trent KJ4KAF, Kimber KI4GWN, Donnie KI4NNC working the radios and Jim KJ4DVR is watching them

Trent KJ4KAF making contacts while Kimber KI4GWN and Donnie KI4NNC watch

Henderson County Ares
Field Day 2011

Michael Blasser running 20 meters

Michael Blasser working hard and staying dry

The command post

Michael Blasser

20m and 40m stations


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