GE MVS Option cable, Used but in good shape. $15.00

GE white Versatones, 103.5, 162.2, 173.8, 179.9, 186.2, and 203.5.

$4.00 each. I have a large amount of 203.5,186.2, 179.9, 173.8, and
162.2. If you buy 10 = $3.00 each. Buy 15 =$2.50 each. Buy 50 = $1.50
each. These are the only frequencies I have.

GE Delta cables. These are the downloading type used with the S820
heads. And all other heads $40.00 each

Delta mounting plates. $10.00 each

Power plugs for S500, S550, C500 etc heads. Good pulls $5.00

GE S-550 / 500 and others mounting brackets. $5.00 each

GE MPA standard charger, 110 volt. $25.00

GE MPA standard 5 position rack charger, 110 volt. $40.00

GE PCS Universal charger. With wall transformer $20.00 each

GE MPS 6 position rack charger, Rapid 3 hour charger
110 volt. Also works with MPR and MPX. $35.00

GE MPI desk charger with wall transformer. $10.00

GE MPI Rack charger, 8 position. 25.00

GE MPI Mobile battery charger, Rare. $20.00

GE Battery discharge analyzer. For MPA, MPD batteries. Attaches to a
rapid rack charger with a DB 15 cable and uses an MPD body to attach a
battery to. Has LED readout in display area of MPD body to tell
discharge rate. Another rare GE goodie. $45.00

GE shoulder strap like new, attaches where belt clip is. $15.00

GE Belt clips. $10.00 each used. New still in plastic $18.00

GE Voter. Has 9 total rec. cards and 2 TX cards. With extender card
and power supply / speaker. $200.00

GE MVS mic, New with tag still attched. $40.00 used good $25.00

Zetron DTMF mic for S550 or S990\950 heads. $35.00

GE Universal charger pockets. Do you have a universal charger?
I have pockets for MPA, PCS, and Monogram. Just change pockets
To charge a different radio. $12.00 each

GE MPS Public safety speaker mic. Has velcro backing and UHF antenna included. Tested working. $20.00 each

GE speaker brackets $5.00 each. Only have a few.

GE S700 head and Mic. Has complete cable assembly for a Ranger or Delta radio. This was a Motorcycle set up with the helmet plug- in and the PTT switch on a handlebar mount. Un tested $65.00

GE Mobile vehicle adapter. For MPA, MPD, And
TPX personal radios. Works with all bands. I used one with a dual band antenna and just switched radios for use with UHF and VHF. This unit is ready to use as is or can be mounted in a vehicle. All Items are included all you need is 13.8 volts, Radio, and feed line and antenna. $75.00