About Suzy

Born and raised in Louisville, Suzy currently lives in Florence, Kentucky with her two daughters, Rachael and Elsa; two cats, Herbie and Felix; a poodle, Midnight's Gypsy Moon; a rat, Homework; and a potbellied pig, Angeles (the horse, Mystic Jokers Eclipc, lives at a local farm).  She earned her BS in Animal Science from the University of Kentucky in Lexington in 1983, and her AAB in Computer Science from Hocking Technical College in Nelsonville, Ohio in 2000.  In addition to practicing Reiki, she is a statistical programmer for Kendle International ; an aspiring violinist; an ordained minister in both the Universal Life Church and the World Reiki Ministry, and a vegetarian.  She advocates a plant-based diet for personal and planetary health, animal welfare, and as a step to eliminate world hunger.

Suzy was attuned to Level I Reiki on January 11, 2003, and received her Level II attunement on October 11, 2003.  She became a certified Reiki Master on September 11, 2004.

"I first felt called to heal while working as a veterinary technician.  I briefly attended nursing school, but circumstances at that time prevented me from finishing.  I figured that if the Divine wanted me to be a nurse, my schedule and financial situation would allow it.  When this didn't happen, I contented myself with my career with animals, and later, as a mother.  I felt a second calling when I chatted with a Reiki practitioner online.  I lived in rural Appalachia at that time, and the thought of having to drive to Columbus or Cincinnati to find a Master--with my two small children in tow--was unacceptable.  But the idea of Reiki appealed to me, and stayed with me for many years.

"After my husband's suicide in the spring of 2001, I tried healing myself in any manner I could think of--I buried myself in my job and my children's needs, joined a support group, and signed up for violin lessons.  It soon became apparent that this wasn't sufficient.  I was keeping busy--and enjoying what I was doing--but I wasn't HEALING.  Then one day while shopping at the local health food store, I saw a flyer advertising a Level I Reiki class.  I knew the Divine was at work; I believe everything happens for a reason, even if we aren't meant to understand why.

"The Love and Grace of the Divine God is now healing me through the energy that is Reiki.  I am humbled and thankful that It chooses me to be a vessel.  When I remember that Christ and His disciples also healed using God's Energy through touch, it reminds me that the Awesome Presence is everywhere--in us, and around us--and we are all expressions of the Divine.  We, as individuals, must choose how we express Divine Love.  I am extremely grateful that God has led me to express it through Reiki."

Peace and Blessings,
November 2003