What Reiki Is...

Reiki (pronounced "RAY-kee") is an ancient energy healing art.  It promotes physical and emotional healing, stress relief, and pain reduction.  It involves the transfer of energy from the Universal Source of Life into the client, through the intention and touch of the practitioner.

A typical session will last about 60 minutes.  The patient does NOT disrobe (although he or she will be asked to remove shoes, large jewelry, eyeglasses, etc.), and may choose to either sit in a chair or lie down on a table.  The practitioner will place his or her hands on or just above different areas of the body, front and back, until all the major energy centers in the body (chakras--which are symbolized by the seven colorful little dots that are following your cursor!) have received healing energy and are in balance.  Some practitioners will also use symbols, crystals, aromatherapy, or sound therapy as part of the session.  You may wish to discuss this with your healer in advance, especially if you have any objections or are uncomfortable with some of these practices.  Further down on this page, I have printed a brief description of what you may expect from a session with me.

What Reiki Is NOT...

Reiki is NOT a religion or a spiritual path in itself (although many practitioners and clients alike say they feel a deeper spiritual connection through Reiki).  It is not a satanic practice, or a Buddhist practice, or a Pagan practice , nor is it witchcraft or voodoo.  Clients and practitioners come from all walks of life, and have diverse spiritual beliefs.  The Universal Source of Life--from which Reiki flows--can mean different things to different people.  God/Goddess, Allah, Buddha, Shiva, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, nature, angels, the universe itself--your belief is personal.  Healing energy EXISTS, no matter what we call it, and it is just as effective for the Christian who believes it is the Holy Spirit as it is for the atheist who believes it comes from little green men from Mars. ;-)

What Reiki Will and Will Not Do...

Reiki is generally calming and centering, allowing the client to relax (physically and emotionally), which promotes healing.  Reiki can also have an energizing effect by promoting better energy flow through the body.  However, "healing" and "curing" are not necessarily the same thing.  We've all heard stories of people who were instantaneously cured of anything from hangnails to cancer--and the reason these stories are newsworthy is that they occur so rarely!  I don't doubt their authenticity, but neither do I expect this as the norm.  Sometimes "healing" from cancer means being better able to cope with the pain and the side effects of conventional treatment--it doesn't necessarily mean complete and permanent spontaneous remission.  "Healing" from AIDS might be learning to accept and face one's mortality, and to come to terms with any unresolved issues in one's life.  "Healing" from chronic neck pain might mean facing and expressing whatever feelings and emotions one is bottling up inside, rather than a physical "curing" of the neck muscles.

In other words, if you come to me for healing, I won't promise you that you'll walk on your broken leg in a week--or that your tumor will disappear--or that your cardiologist will gasp in amazement at your next physical--or that your relationships with your family, friends, and co-workers will improve overnight.  I only promise that Reiki will help you to relax, center yourself, and allow the healing to begin from the inside out.   How much more will happen is between you and the Divine.


What Can I Expect?

Every Reiki practitioner has his or her own methods, although the basic treatment will be pretty much the same, whomever you choose.

If you've never had Reiki before, I first explain a little about what it is, and demonstrate on my own body the hand positions that I use.  I do NOT touch women's breasts, or the genital area or buttocks of either gender.  If you have any other areas that you do not want touched, please say so!  I then ask if there is a specific problem to be worked on (as opposed to a session just for stress relief and relaxation), and, if I feel it's necessary, take a brief history pertaining to the injury/illness/issue.

I start my sessions with a prayer.  I leave it up to the client as to whether this is a silent or spoken prayer.  If spoken, I try to keep it non-denominational and respectful of all paths.  I have no problem whatsoever if the client prefers a prayer of his or her particular faith, as long as it is respectful.  If you have one you'd like to use, I encourage you to write it down for me.  You may or may not pray along with me--it's completely up to you.  Although I try to be as accommodating as possible, please note that *my* spiritual walk requires that I start Reiki sessions with prayer.   If you are not comfortable with this, then I'm not the practitioner for you (but I'll be glad to help you find one who suits your needs)!

If the client wishes, I may light scented candles or incense.  I love aromatherapy and dabble in it a bit, but I am NOT an aromatherapist, and therefore will not use scent specifically as part of your treatment.  I also like to have soft music playing in the background, unless the client prefers silence.

The client may prefer to lie down or sit in a chair (a recliner works well for treating the front, but may be uncomfortable for the back positions).  Next, unless the client has any objections, I draw or visualize the Reiki symbols over the body.  (Although I will not bend on the issue of prayer, I'm more flexible about the symbols.  If it makes you uncomfortable, I won't use them.  Be aware, however, that by the time I start a session, I will have already used the symbols on myself.  If you object to this, then again--I'm not the practitioner for you; but I will try to find one for you who doesn't use them.)  I then proceed to treat the front of the body first, then the back.  Reiki flows naturally; I don't have to be silent or concentrate or go into a trance!  We can talk during treatment about anything--the weather, sports, your life in general, or anything you'd like to get off your chest.  Do realize that a Reiki practitioner *is* a healthcare professional, and anything you say that's more personal than "How 'bout those Bengals?" WILL NOT LEAVE THE ROOM.  Of course, some people prefer silence; that's OK too.

I close with a prayer (the client may be asleep by this time, so it's usually a silent one).  If the client is asleep or very deeply relaxed, I let him or her rest for a few minutes.

As mentioned above, some practitioners use crystals, herbs, sound therapy, etc., as part of a Reiki treatment.  My use of incense and music is strictly for creating a relaxing atmosphere, and is not intended to be a facet of the treatment.  I am neither trained nor certified to use any other therapies besides Reiki.  If you prefer a practitioner that uses these or other therapies in conjunction with Reiki, I will do my best to find one for you.

I am NOT a doctor or a nurse, but I do have a medical (veterinary) background.  I will not diagnose any injuries or illnesses, and if I think you need to see a healthcare practitioner in a more conventional field (for either physical or emotional problems), I will not hesitate to tell you so.