Distance Reiki and Prayer:
Distance Reiki and/or prayer are ALWAYS free of charge.

If you have a request for a certain event and would like me to send at a certain time, I'll do my best to accommodate you.  Please remember, I *do* have a day job, and I'm a single mother with two children and five animals to care for, a house to clean, and a yard to mow!  I can't promise that I'll be able to send at a specific time during the day, but I'm usually pretty flexible in the evenings and on weekends.  Sometimes I can adjust my lunch break during working hours.  Please ask!!  (I'm on eastern US time.)

Every practitioner has his or her own method of sending distance Reiki.  I use a "Reiki box."  I write your name (or a nickname or online ID, if you'd prefer) and a description of your problem and/or what sort of healing you need on a slip of paper, and put it in my box.  When I'm sending, I then give Reiki to the box, with the intent ("intent" being a prayer to the Divine) that all of the people (or animals, or places, or issues, or events) in the box receive the healing that they need for their Highest Good.  The amount of time I spend varies; I send until I feel the energy stop.  Sometimes this is 10 minutes, sometimes 45 minutes.

If you are skeptical or uncertain about Reiki, first of all I must say I respect you for having read this far!  I'm a scientist; I too was skeptical at first.  If you have a need, but would rather not receive Reiki, I'd be glad to put you on my old-fashioned prayer list.  I promise you, I do NOT send Reiki to my prayer list.  You'll receive only a prayer, asking the Divine Spirit to send you healing and comfort.

In-Person Sessions:
A hands-on session with me (generally lasting about an hour to 90 minutes) costs $45, or $150 for a set of four weekly sessions.

I have struggled with the ethics of placing a price tag on what I feel is a gift from God.  Reiki teaches that "exchange" is necessary to complete a cycle (and what is life itself, but a huge cycle?), and that people tend to place more value on things that have come at a cost.  Although the gift of healing comes from the Great Spirit, learning the art of Reiki costs money, and time I spend giving a treatment is time spent away from my family, my job, and my other responsibilities.  In this light, I feel that compensation is fair and ethical.

However, I also feel a moral responsibility to share my gift with all who need it, not just all who can afford it.   If money is an issue for you, would you be willing to "exchange" something else?  Fresh veggies or a bouquet from your garden?  Homemade cookies?  I have a house in need of minor repairs, two vehicles to maintain, a yard to mow...and I will be glad to work something out with you that utilizes your talents!