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Since the invention of the printing press there has been a slow degradation in the art of Book Binding.  On these pages we will explore the vanishing structural arts that went into the creation of a medieval book.  Bookbinding is the passion of Brother Conchobar, but you will also find small projects of diverse Book Arts by Bess, Tori and KJ within.

      The people of the Victorian Era were fascinated with anything from the middle ages, including it's books. Through their enthusiasm they rebound many of the medieval manuscripts that had existed through to the modern era in an effort to preserve them.  Because of their attempts at  the preservation of these ancient volumes much of the original book binder's art has been lost.  Conchobar and I (Bess) have been lucky enough to have several unique opportunities in which we were able to examine genuine medieval book bindings.  Notes and images on some of those experiences are below along with some original research by our colleagues.

Conchobar demonstrates gothic bookbinding at Rockford's  Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum.


Home Scribal Arts Structural Book Arts Articles & Notes


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