Mistress of Cold. Bucia and Flindo will warn against dalliances with the Magelord’s lover, if spoken to. Filbercio denies knowing anyone who knows such spells, and gets suspicious of the Avatar if asked about Frigidazzi.


9d) After two such conversations, a goblin servitor greets the Avatar with a message from Frigidazzi. She has heard that the Avatar is asking questions about her, congratulates him on getting his spellbook, and invites him to her manor. Scroll unlocks manor door, when read.


9e) At the manor, Frigidazzi now admits the Avatar and his Party (if it is night, the servants ask the Avatar to return at an appropriate time). She talks about her explorations in the frozen north, now impossible due to the dangers from the Storms. Her goblins perform an exotic dance (simply use the goblin music from Western Forest, and make the shapes “dance”). Frigidazzi refuses to discuss business (selling spells), saying that this is a social occasion, a chance to welcome a new Mage to town society.


As the Party is leaving, a goblin hands the Avatar another note the Avatar is invited to return to the manor later that night, but he must come alone. (It is obvious that Frigidazzi has romantic intentions, if the Avatar is male if the Avatar is female, the note is more ambiguous.)


9f) Frigidazzi talks to the Avatar only if he comes by himself. She explains about cold magics, offers to show the Avatar some of her collection -- they move to another room of the manor (she insists that the exhibits are part of teaching the spell to the Avatar). She demands that her servitors bring wine (the Avatar can decline). When Avatar asks again about the spells, she “comes on” to the Avatar (regardless of whether character is male or female). Avatar gets a series of “yes/no” options through conversations, which bring the Avatar to Frigidazzi’s bed chamber (adjacent to the museum room), allow the pair to embrace (through conversation), and [finally] to get into bed together.


9g) At any point in the “yes/no” sequence, if the Avatar says “no,” this sets up the conversation so that Filbercio arrives shortly, “discovering” the Avatar in his lover’s mansion. Alternately, Filbercio arrives when the two are in bed together. If the Avatar spoke to Flindo, Filbercio mentions that Flindo tipped him off. Filbercio shoots the Avatar with a spell, Avatar goes unconscious...


9h) Avatar awakens in the Palace, where his speedy Trial takes place. Filbercio has convened the

Council of Mages (Filbercio, Gustacio, Mortegro), sentences the Avatar to the Mountains of

Freedom dungeon. Avatar is knocked unconscious again... (All of this takes place in conversation, so Avatar does not have the chance to fight anyone.)


9i) Avatar wakes up, alone, in the Mountains of Freedom (see Freedom townplot).


9j) When the Avatar returns to Moonshade, he can pick up his Companions. Dupre is at the tavern

(Stefano leaves the Party when Dupre joins). Shamino has gone hunting in the Wilderness Preserve (standing in the woods) Rocco knows this, as does Shamino. Iolo is at Gustacio’s manor, reading old tomes. Boyden has the same schedule as Bucia (they have a budding romance).


If the Avatar has the Daemon Sword, the Companions remark on this.


9k) When the Companions are reunited, Shamino produces several scrolls. They were sent secretly by Frigidazzi, along with an apologetic note. She also sends a token of her affection the Serpent Earrings (stolen from Erstam years ago).


9l) The goblin servants will not admit the Avatar to Frigidazzi’s manor. They report that she has been taken elsewhere by Filbercio (to Lake Island, and the yacht is at the Island the Avatar cannot visit). Filbercio is also on the Isle, and thus incommunicado for the balance of Post-Madness.


SERPENT ISLE: Moonshade Townplot                                                                       MOONSHAD.DOC