* The Catacombs of Moonshade are infested with rat-men. It would be nearly impossible to get


* Beyond the Catacombs is a place known as Claw. In Fedabiblio’s manor, he has a very curious skeleton recovered during an expedition to Claw. It seems to be half human & half cat. Dupre says that it is a grisly trophy (he hates skeletons).

* Last comes the subterranean realm known as Furnace. The heat is deadly. Nobody can survive Furnace.


8d) Julia predicts the death of all who attempt such a journey. She says that they must find some way to protect themselves from the heat, and to guard themselves from the rat-men. She gives the key to the Avatar only if he bribes her. (This encounter exists to provide the player with extra warning not to attempt the dungeons unprepared.)


8e) The key to getting through the Catacombs of Moonshade is to speak with Mosh after speaking with Fedabiblio you now get the keywords to ask about the Rat-Men. She won’t answer your questions unless you first buy her a meal at the Blue Boar. Then she gives you the secret to their kingdom -- a magic harp.


Mosh will ask for wine if the Avatar feeds her again (at any time), she becomes his friend. She then rewards him with the Magic Compass (see below).


8f) The cold spell can only be learned from Frigidazzi see the Frigidazzi subplot.


8g) The Catacombs of Moonshade are infested with Rat-Men. The Rangers keep the gate locked tight, and placate the pestiferous vermin by tossing them food. The Catacombs are also long and twisting (we’ll keep adding twists as long as we can afford to), with many levels (linked basements) it is easy to get lost here. There are too many Rat-Men to kill them all (eggs continually hatch more).


At a medium distance within the Catacombs, several usecode eggs are planted. These check to see if the Avatar has the magic harp -- if not, a Companion remarks about that there must be some easier way to get through this dungeon, than to kill everything.


8h) Mosh’s magic harp soothes the Rat-Men (it puts them to sleep for a short period). The Magic

Compass, when placed on the ground and “used,” points in the direction which the Party should go.

It only works while in the Catacombs of Moonshade (in other locations, it points in a random

direction). Eggs are set in the Catacombs to set flags according to the Avatar’s progress, telling the

Compass where to point.


8i) The Catacombs of Moonshade lead to Claw and Furnace (see those townplots). A voice egg causes one of the Companions to remark that this part of the Catacombs seems wet and dank (i.e. underwater).




9a) Frigidazzi is Filbercio’s paramour. The Avatar first meets her at the banquet, but she is attentive only to the MageLord.


9b) If the Avatar visits Frigidazzi’s manor prior to getting a spellbook, her goblin servants do not let the Avatar in. (Frigidazzi is unique in having goblins as servants.) She does not have time for Mundanes.


9c) When the Avatar begins to question townsfolk about Cold Spells (which he can only do after speaking with Fedabiblio), a flag is set. The townspeople tell the Avatar that Frigidazzi is the


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