(Except for her appearance at the banquet, Rotoluncia remains on the Lake Isle this prevents the Avatar from killing her too early.)


7f) At last, Rotoluncia loses patience. After the Avatar leaves Pothos’ shop with the clue to Mad Mage Isle, but before he reaches the dock, Iolo is kidnapped. The Teleportation sprite appears, Iolo barks “Help!”, and the Companion disappears.


7g) It should not be hard for the Avatar to guess who has done this deed. If asked, Flindo, Filbercio, or Gustacio all suggest an immediate search of Rotoluncia’s manor.


7h) In order to enter Rotoluncia’s manor, the Avatar can either slay the automaton which opens the door, OR he can get official permission from Filbercio (Ranger comes and orders the automaton to open up). In the first case, the Avatar gets to fight all of the manor’s inhabitants; in the latter, he gets to search without opposition (except from the occasional trap). Rotoluncia is not here. Player can find Serpent Tooth to Furnace in her chambers Tooth leads to locked room.


Egg causes Shamino to suggest ransacking the place, taking anything of value. Dupre remarks that this doesn’t sound like “honest” Shamino. Scene is a clue that Shamino is becoming imbalanced.


7i) These actions make the keyword “Rotoluncia” appear in most of the local conversations. Bucia or Flindo can tell the Avatar of the former special relationship between Filbercio and Rotoluncia (they were lovers).


7j) If the Avatar speaks to Filbercio, the MageLord suggests that Rotoluncia might have taken Iolo to his lake manor (when they were lovers, she spent much time here, and still has a key). Filbercio gives the Avatar permission to use his yacht to sail to the Lake Isle. (“I hope the Teleport Storms don’t get thee stay close to shore!” he warns.)


The yacht cannot leave the lake. The yacht can only be “used” once the Flag has been set by Filbercio’s conversation -- otherwise, the boat remains at its moorings, magically protected.


7k) On Lake Isle, the Avatar and his Companions get to kill servitors and battle Rotoluncia. Rotoluncia’s Death Usecode makes her surrender; if the player still wants to kill her, he can (if her life is spared, she remains a useful character in exile at Sleeping Bull).


7i) Iolo is in a cell, beyond the torture chamber.




8a) Even though the Avatar has gained his spellbook, been to Monk Isle (and probably Mad Mage Isle), he still cannot leave the Isle of Beyond. The Serpent Jawbone does not have any Teeth yet which lead to the mainland. (The Avatar might have the Tooth which leads to Furnace, but it goes to a locked room.) No mage will sell his Tooth, and they cannot be stolen (Batlin stole one from Rotoluncia previously, and every mage is on guard now).


8b) Several characters (Captain Hawk, Flindo, Rocco) recall rumors of ancient passageways connecting the islands. They send the Avatar to speak with Fedabiblio.


8c) Fedabiblio confirms that this is true the Avatar can venture into the underground realms, through the Catacombs of Moonshade, through Claw, into Furnace, and reach the mainland beyond. He reveals these truths about the underground world


* Julia (of the Rangers) has the key to the gate of the Catacombs.

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