6f) If the Avatar has not attended the banquet, then he will be unable to meet Pothos. A notice at the shop explains that the Apothecary Shop is closed while Pothos performs a special errand for Lord Filbercio. Hawk and Flindo will suggest that the Avatar speak with Filbercio which triggers the banquet.


6g) Pothos refuses to cooperate with the Avatar, unless the Avatar proves himself by venturing to the south end of this island and acquiring the Blood Moss which Filbercio so desperately wants. The Avatar can then extort what he needs from Pothos (the Companions will remind the Avatar not to give up the Moss without getting something in exchange).


(If the Avatar has already obtained the Moss for Pothos, the Apothecary is grateful and becomes a friend of the Avatar. He trusts him with the information.)


6h) What Pothos reveals to the Avatar is this by going to an out-of-the-way dock, ringing the bell which is there, and chanting a Mantra, the Avatar can make a giant Sea Turtle appear. (When bell is “used,” Avatar automatically chants the Mantra.) The Turtle will carry the Party to Mad Mage Isle.


6i) At this point, the Rotoluncia Subplot intervenes (see below).


6j) If Iolo has not been rescued, the other Companions refuse to leave the island. This scene occurs at the magical dock-bell, and is included in the bell’s usecode. The Avatar cannot summon the Sea Turtle unless Iolo has been rescued (dead or alive).


6k) From Erstam, the Avatar can obtain the Jawbone and the means to arrive on Monk Isle.




7a) Once the Avatar mentions “Batlin” to anyone in town, Rotoluncia learns of it. She becomes convinced that the Avatar knows the secrets of gaining powers over Daemons (Batlin presented his companion, Palos, as a Daemon).


7b) At the end of the Avatar’s next conversation in Moonshade, her automaton brings the Avatar a magical scroll. As a fail-safe, the message is delivered when the Avatar approaches Filbercio’s palace. If the Avatar does not immediately open (“use”) the scroll, one of his Companions does so for him.


7c) The scroll is magical, and puts the Avatar into conversation with Rotoluncia (who is not physically present). She explains that she believes that the Avatar and Batlin are somehow connected, that Batlin had a Daemon servitor, and that she would like information on how to control Daemons. Her request is polite.


Unfortunately, there is no way for the Avatar to satisfy her query. She does not accept the truth about gargoyles.


7d) In time, her automaton seeks out the Avatar again. (This is driven by flags and conversations it occurs two new conversations later, or when the Avatar arrives at the palace. If the first message was delivered at the palace, then the two conversations are merged.) Rotoluncia demands knowledge about Daemons, and warns that she is not someone to cross. Again, the Avatar cannot satisfy her.


7e) At Filbercio’s banquet, Rotoluncia almost loses control. The MageLord threatens to convene the Council of Mages if she does not desist from trying to coerce the outsider.

SERPENT ISLE: Moonshade Townplot                                                    MOONSHAD.DOC