If the Avatar has met Delin, he can ask Freli for a letter to take to his father. (see Fawn townplot)


5l) The Avatar may also buy spells and scrolls from the various Mages, if he has acquired a spellbook.


If the Avatar mentions the Stoneblood which he carries, some mages will recoil in shock, while others will quietly offer to buy it at exorbitant rates.


5m) Petra is very curious about the Gwani folk, because Gwenno asked her so much about them. “They have a magical coat of fur it glistens like diamonds”


5n) Rocco, Hawk and (later) Stefano all know the dark rumors about Purlonio and Drogeni, the merchant and the enchantress who disappeared together a few centuries ago along with all of Purlonio ‘s treasure. (see Mad Mage and Ice Plains townplots).




6a) One of the reasons that the Avatar comes to Moonshade is in order to gain a spellbook. He is told to seek the Magister, Fedabiblio. Magister tells him that a spellbook is more than an item -- it is a part of your soul. In Moonshade, spellbooks are custom designed to suit the intended owner. The title page must be written with ink that contains a drop of the owner’s blood. (The owner must surrender one hit point to the book to give it life that is, take one hit of damage.) Fedabiblio remarks that blood is full of powerful magical energy, though no one has yet found a way to channel that energy safely.


This makes the spellbook a living part of the owner, and the book will not function for anyone else. Each person’s book requires a unique reagent for the creation procedure. Fedabiblio identifies the Avatar’s required reagent as Mandrake Root, which can only be found on Monk Isle [see Monk Isle subplot].


When the Avatar returns with Mandrake Root, Fedabiblio creates his spellbook. He also recommends that the Avatar seek out certain spells from the local mages he especially recommends Telekinesis.


6b) Fedabiblio suggests that the Avatar get one of the ship captains to sail him to Monk Isle. However, as the player may already know, Captain Hawk will not sail anywhere due to the extreme danger. He won’t even let anyone use his boat. “It’s suicide!” he’ll say.


6c) Once the Avatar has spoken to Fedabiblio, he can acquire the Mandrake Root by simply dying and being resurrected on Monk Isle bypassing the Mad Mage townplot. The player would also forfeit the rewards on Mad Mage Isle the Jawbone, Teeth, and Boydon’s companionship. Hopefully, most players will not choose this option. (Eventually, Avatar must go to Mad Mage Isle, or he cannot finish the game impossible to get to Isle of Crypts or Sunrise Isle.)


6d) Captain Hawk, Rocco and Flindo can all provide the Avatar with this clue: the Mad Mage knows the secret of teleporting around the islands. The Avatar should try to get in contact with Erstam.


6e) Once the Avatar has been clued in (see 6d), he receives the keywords which allow him to question the Moonshadites about Erstam the Mad Mage. Both Bucia and Flindo can reveal that Pothos has some secret link with the exiled sorcerer. (Pothos is Erstam’s illegitimate son, but this is a secret which Pothos has never revealed.)


In secret, Pothos sells supplies to the Mad Mage. Trade with the Mad Mage is frowned upon in Moonshade. Pothos can also give the Avatar a password which ensures that the Mad Mage will not immediately kill him.

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