5b) The Mage Gustacio is investigating the strange magical storms. He demands information from the Avatar about the storm he went through. He asks what colors of lightning the Avatar saw. His research partner is Mortegro.


5c) The Avatar can ask about the items he was given in Teleport Vale (see Teleport Vale townplot). Mortegro, Pothos or Gustacio can identify the body part. Any mage can identify the laboratory artifact, but no one claims to be missing anything. Anyone in Moonshade recognizes the wine Ernesto has the missing map. Asking about the moonsilk stocking brings juicy rumors from Bucia, or offers of purchase from the four interested parties (see below) but the Serpent cannot be recovered without Stefano’s aid. Filbercio or Fngidazzi will recognize the fur cap she returns the Magic Helm at her private banquet, if possible.


5d) Captain Hawk takes up residence at the Blue Boar Inn, where he drinks to exhaustion and tells endless stories about his seafaring days (some of which contain useful clues). He is old and lonely, and will think highly of the Avatar if he listens to a few of his stories. [see below] Companions note the name of the inn, ask Rocco where the name came from.


5e) Fedabiblio knows the secret of which scrolls were consulted by Batlin. He can also provide information about the dead civilization of the Ophidians, and once the Avatar has his spellbook, can teach the Avatar a spell to translate writings in the ancient tongue. Scrolls are kept in a locked room.


5f) The Apothecary, Pothos, sells reagents as well as alchemical supplies. With the lack of trade with the mainland, Pothos is desperate for any supplies which the Avatar can sell him. Pothos needs Blood Moss (see above) this can be obtained from the woods south of Moonshade., but the Teleport Storms have brought fearsome monsters to that part of the Isle (Pothos has just returned from there).


Pothos remarks on how interesting it is that Blood Moss should be so potent, since it has a connection to the Fluid of Life (Blood). [Foreshadowing the later Bloodspawn magic.]


5g) Bucia knows the dirt on everyone in town, and can give the Avatar an introduction to the locals.


5h) The merchant Flindo is ready to serve as a guide (through conversation) to the city for the Avatar and his party. Flindo promises to get the Avatar invited to a banquet at the MageLord’s palace. Certain Mages (Torrissio, Melino, Columna) refuse to speak to strangers without a letter of introduction -- Flindo can provide this. He pockets money for every deal he arranges. However, his political commentary is informed.


Flindo also warns the Avatar not to cross Filbercio, and tells about the Mountains of Freedom.


5i) The Rangers at the Winery are also the town guards. They are proud of their magical winepress, which operates without benefit of human labor. Julia warns strangers about the Mountains of Freedom, and tells them to behave while in town.


5j) The old woman who sweeps the streets, Mosh, is a pitiful old crone who begs as she works (barking).  She is always accompanied by rats she likes rats. In fact, she sings to them. She knows two ancient and grisly folk songs which contain clues about Shamino’s Castle and The Castle of the White Dragon.


5k) Andrio and Freli are two young students of magic. They tag along after the Avatar (Worktype = “Follow the Avatar”), eager to hear his stories of far-away lands. Young ears hear much, and so the children have many clues for the Avatar if he only takes the time to talk to them. For instance, Freli overheard that Torrissio was selling spells to Batlin. And Andrio has heard many fantastic tales about the Mountains of Freedom. Freli knows the legend of Vasculio.

SERPENT ISLE: Moonshade Townplot                                               MOONSHAD.DOC