Battery Egg

Sets flag if Energy Globe is placed on it, unsets flag if Globe is removed. If Green Globe is placed, causes Ale to fly in and land on a tower.




Experiment Eggs

Avatar must place eight experimental items, one per egg. If the Avatar puts the wrong object on a tower, item goes back into Avatar’s inventory and run Conversation. If right object, set flag. if object removed, unset flag.
If a fish is placed on egg #2, and if a cat is nearby, causes cat to bark and “eat” fish.





Moonshad ?




Experiment Lever #1

Pulling the lever causing Blue Lightning to strike tower #1. The apple disappears (teleports, with Teleport sprite). Run conversation.




Experiment Lever #2

Pulling the lever causing Red Lightning to strike tower #2. The helmet disappears (sprite), replaced with a cat. Run conversation.




Experiment Master Lever

If the master lever is “used” before the eight experimental items are in place (check flags), the lever stays “up,” and run conversation.

The lever causes:

*     a Teleport Storm to glide in

*     Companions bark about the weather

*     All drawbridges in area open

*     Lock exit door.

If KnowColors flag is true, Green Lightning strikes Ale (sprite), replace with Edrin.


When the lever is turned off, and if KnowColors flag has been set (but GotHit flag is false):

*     Energy Globe explodes (remove)

*     Lightning strikes Iolo (Blue Lightning --he disappears -- put in Lunch Room)

*     Shamino (normal lightning -- delete all

Disposable items he carries, set schedule to

wander in nearby woods, “Talk to Avatar”),

*     And then the Avatar (Red Lightning).

*     Unjoin Party members. Set Dupre to

“Talk to Avatar” schedule. Unlock door,

lower drawbridges.

*     Set GotHit flag to true.

*     Teleport Avatar to Blue Boar Inn.




Lower drawbridges, unlock door,  cancel Storm.













SERPENT ISLE: Moonshade Townplot 09/08/92