Batlin left here for Monk Isle, to study the writings there. [Rocco]

Batlin purchase Serpent Scales (Serpent magic reagent). [Pothos]

Batlin had an unusual quantity of cold-weather gear. [Bucia]

A strange visitor came in the night (Deadeye). [Petra]


Gwenno came here many weeks ago. [Bucia, Rocco]

She studied at the Mages’ Library, especially the historical scrolls. [Fedabiblio, Gustacio]

Gwenno was curious about the non-human races, particularly the Gwani. [Frigidazzi, Petra]

She sang a song about her beloved husband, Iolo. [Melino, Columna]

Gwenno left here to journey to Monk Isle. [Rocco, Petra]


Bucia identifies Selina as the enchantress who preferred fish-net stockings.

Bucia knows that Columna wears moonsilk stockings

Frigidazzi knows about Selina‘s partnership with Batlin (she and Selina were friends).


4) Soon after the Avatar’s arrival, he is invited to the Mage’s palace. If he arrives at a suitable hour, a banquet is in progress. If not, he is asked to return at the hour of the banquet. The banquet is tied to Filbercio‘s conversation while in the Palace, he is in “Talk to Avatar” mode.


The Avatar must attend the banquet before the plot can advance, as it is the only way to meet Pothos (who has been on an unsuccessful reagent-gathering expedition elsewhere on the Isle -- he lives in the Lunch Room until teleported here for dinner). It is impossible to reach Mad Mage Isle before meeting Pothos, since he has the key to obtaining the transportation.


The initial conversation is food-driven. The table is spread with strange food items on top of eggs picking up items of food triggers different episodes of conversation. Automatons come and go with more food.


At the banquet, the rivalry of the Mage cliques is made obvious. In attendance are Filbercio, Frigidazzi, Rotoluncia, Gustacio, Mortegro, and Pothos. The Mages are concerned by the Storms, and the isolation (i-Iuwk’s refusal to sail cuts the town off from food and other supplies) Rotoluncia accuses Filbercio of being weak-willed, more interested in his dalliances than in preserving the powers of the mages -- she wants the outsiders (the Avatar) questioned thoroughly. Gustacio objects that non-mages have civil rights. Rotoluncia threatens Gustacio, but Filbercio threatens to invoke the Council of Mages. Rotoluncia leaves in disgust.


As Rotoluncia leaves, Pothos arrives with a report on the failure of his expedition to gather Blood

Moss, due to the Teleport Storms. Filbercio openly threatens to send Pothos to the dungeons for this failure. Filbercio then adjourns the banquet to speak with Pothos in private. Mortegro invites

Avatar to visit his manor.




5a) Mortegro, the necromantic sorcerer, invites the Avatar to attend his seances. He says that there are many spirits that desire audience with him. (Ghosts have generic portraits.) Here, Sparks’ father thanks the Avatar for exposing the Fellowship and taking care of his son. Christopher warns him, “There are many souls in this realm who await you with revenge in their hearts!” There is a touching scene In which Gwenno speaks briefly of her love for Iolo.


Kane and Ale are also present when the Avatar comes here. Mortegro tries, but fails, to contact Edrin. This proves that Edrin must be alive (says Mortegro).


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