Those children who cannot master their studies at the Seminarium do not become Adepts, but instead receive the rank and role of Lesser Mages (including Paladins, Apothecaries, and others). All Sosarian mages, paladins and apothecaries consider themselves to be citizens of Moonshade, regardless of where they currently live. One-quarter of the offspring of the paladins and apothecaries are Mundanes (having “mm” chromosomes) -- many of these emigrate to Monitor, where they join the military.


The Seminarium is divided into three colleges -- one each for male and female mages, and one for alchemists. The Seminarium is presided over by the Magister, appointed for life by the Council of Mages.


When children are found to have magical aptitude, the Magister comes to take them away to Moonshade to be trained in the ways of magic. Young mages leave the Seminarium and set up shop in the other city-states, but the best wizards manage to return home to Moonshade where they become instructors or Mages (masters of a clique).


All mages look forward to the day when their brotherhood grants them the opportunity to experiment with magic, and to create new spells or devise new reagents. However, the strict traditions of the mages prevent most from experimenting illicitly on their own. In Britannia, spellcasting is seen as a necessary evil, a most dangerous art made palatable only by its constant use against the foes which threaten society. On Serpent Isle, the mages believe themselves to be the masters of their art, and deny their responsibility to society -- mages are only responsible to their fellow mages, and look down on non-mages. The Companions mention this in their conversations.


Mageling = has passed the Test of the Magister

Novice = in magic high school

Initiate = graduated high school, studying collegium magic

Adepts = graduate of collegic magic



Filbercio                      Mage of Moonshade (M)


Filbercio is the Mage of Moonshade, and is a product of the fierce competition which is politics in the City of Mages. He is a practical ruler, suspicious but not paranoid, cautious when uncertain but energetic when sure of his goal. Very proud of his hats and his daughter. Easily alarmed.


Appearance: A short, chunky man with closely cropped black hair. Wears a shiny purple/red robe and a magnificent conical hat. Race: white.


Typical Quotes:

“By the Seven Stars, I’ll not be dictated to by anyone!”

“We who are mages have been cut from a different cloth than those who are merely Mundanes.”

“This could be done -- but what is in it for my treasury?”


Stefano             Braggart and a thief(M)


Stefano is a thief who makes a perilous living hiring out his services in Moonshade. “Those bickering wizards constantly use me to appropriate items from each other, and their constant feuding is making me rich.” He makes no secret of his position. Stefano is a braggart and show-off who will quickly wear on anyone’s nerves. He has accumulated several fortunes, and spent them all on dashing clothes, elegant weapons, and extravagant parties.



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