and dwell there (prior to his incarceration in the Mountains of Freedom). With Anti-Shamino in charge, however, Ensorcio has come back to town... (Stefano is in trouble again...)


At the Blue Boar Inn, Rocco gives the Avatar a note from Stefano. The thief says that he has something valuable for the Avatar, if he will come to a remote cabin. If the Avatar comes, Stefano rewards him with a Serpent Tooth (stolen from Melino).


13l) The Avatar cannot solve the Shrine of Discipline without the aid of Petra, the female automaton. (Hints are provided at Discipline and Monk Isle.) She will come, if the Avatar will give her the Crystal Rose (which he previously obtained in Fawn). She leaves the Party immediately after Discipline.


13m) Columna’s beauty is artificial, maintained by an artifact of beauty (the Comb of Beauty) stolen decades ago from the palace of Fawn. [See Fawn townplot.] In order to baffle Iolo’s pranks in Fawn, the Avatar must acquire the artifact and return it to Fawn (same procedure as stealing Teeth, see above). Columna turns into a frightening old hag.




14a) Anti-Shamino is looking for a suitable woman to be his consort. That woman is to be chosen by public vote. Frigidazzi wins (or loses...) the election. She is to be wed to Anti-Shamino. The Avatar can learn this from Bucia (in juicy detail), or from nearly everyone else in town.


14b) The Palace is well-guarded, and cannot be entered. The Avatar cannot contact Frigidazzi until all of the mini-plot flags (see above) have been set.


14c) Afraid of the lawless power of the Bane, Frigidazzi asks the Avatar to help her escape from Anti­Shamino, or to wreck the Companion’s power. She sends the Avatar a magic scroll, which puts him into conversation with her “by magic.” The goblin servitor also brings a Serpent Tooth, as Proof of her continuing affection for the Avatar.


During the conversation, Frigidazzi tells the Avatar the secret of slaying Anti-Shamino. His “appearances” around town are illusionary the “real” Anti-Shamino is always in the palace. She tells him to get Filbercio to tell him about the secret entrance to the Palace.


14d) Anti-Shamino cannot easily be defeated by fighting, since he magically summons an infinite (well, continuous) stream of defenders (and because he has great magic powers, anyway). His Death Usecode simply replaces his hit points, and calls more defenders Anti-Shamino cannot be killed. In fact, Anti-Shamino does not even consider the Avatar to be a serious threat. Even the Demon Sword does not appear to work on him.


34) In order to slay Anti-Shamino, the Avatar must enter the Palace. Filbercio must tell him the secret entrance to the Mage’s Palace. Anti-Shamino is surprised by the intrusion, his guards do not appear so quickly, and his Death Usecode fails to save him from the Demon Sword...he is slain.




Palace of the Mage (residence of Filbercio, also contains Great Hall of Magic)

Winery/Ranger Dormitory operated by the Rangers of Moonshade.

The Capessii Canton sells provisions, and has been operated by the same family for many generations.

The Blue Boar tavern is often the site for competitions among wizards -- any visitor might be challenged to an arcane duel. Flindo, Hawk stay here. Rocco and Petra live here.

Apothecary Shop (Pothos lives in back of store)

SERPENT ISLE: Moonshade Townplot                                                    MOONSHAD.DOC