13i) The Avatar is sent to Moonshade by Gwenno and the monks (see Monk Isle townplot) to find the Scroll of the Serpents, said to be in the library of the Seminarium. However, Fedabiblio is missing. He has the only key to the Library room.


The mage-boys’ prank backfired, and Freli accidentally turned Fedabiblio into a statue. Not knowing how to turn the mage back to normal, the Magelings ran away. As Gustacio or Filbercio can explain, Torrissio is the master of Life spells. Unfortunately, Torrissio is angry at the Avatar and will not cooperate (either due to the Moonsilk Stockings incident, or because the Avatar is friendly toward Stefano, or because Torrissio has been dosing a little too much Bloodspawn and is going crazy). The Avatar can do one of two things


a)         he can return the Philanderer’s Friend to Torrissio (see Skullcrusher townplot), or


b)         get a Certificate from the Rangers, break into Torrissio’s manor, battle the automatons, and steal the secret to transforming Fedabiblio. The player is probably expecting to need a spell, and there are many spells here. However, the real secret is a Potion which is on Torrissio’s desk (one of three -

- the others are ordinary Potions). (A note in the Apothecary shop identifies the three potions by color and function.)


It is much easier to steal from Torrissio when he is not here (by studying his schedule) -- Freli and Andrio can help with useful information.


13j) The mages of Moonshade are jealous of their old mentor, the wizard whom they derisively speak of as the Mad Mage. They have been in the habit of stealing devices and books from his home, in order to learn new powers (the maze on Mad Mage Isle was designed to foil this thievery). The Moonshade mages possess many of the Serpent Teeth, but do not know the secret of the Serpent Jaw.


Filbercio encourages the Avatar to steal the Teeth from the manors, explaining that the ends justify the means. (Anti-Shamino would agree with him, of course...) The Rangers will sell Certificates to most of the manors. At each manor, the secret is to wait until the mage is gone, then break in, battle the servants, and find the teeth.


In order to “fix” the Demon Sword so that it will suck souls again (see Monk Isle townplot), the Avatar must consult Gustacio. The mage reveals that the sword can be repaired if its energies are realigned, which can only be done with the Flux Analyzer that was stolen from Gustacio. (Fortunately, Avatar probably previously recovered this artifact from Skullcrusher -- at any rate, he can obtain the needed artifact and repair the sword)


- Rotoluncia’s Tooth (to Furnace) is in her manor (player hopefully found this earlier)

- In the desperate Post-Madness times, Gustacio gives the Avatar the Tooth to Logic.

- Teeth to Enthusiasm and Skullcrusher are found in Torrissio’s manor (he just stole one from

Mortegro’s manor in his absence -- see above).

- Filbercio gives the Tooth to Emotion (see above)

- Columna’s manor has the Tooth of Ethicality (see below)

- Stefano has the Tooth to Tolerance (see below), and gives it to you if you find him.

- Frigidazzi gives you Tooth to Discipline after Anti-Shamino is slain, and gives you clue about the

Gwani Tooth (see below).


If the Avatar mentions the Mortegro encounter (see Tolerance townplot) to Gustacio, he tells the Avatar the significance of the strange altar in his house.


13k) Stefano was paid by the followers of Filbercio to arrange the evidence which convicted Ensorcio of his crimes [see Sleeping Bull townplot]. As a reward, Stefano was allowed to take over Ensorcio’s palace

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