* There are a number of “dog pack” eggs placed around town. These hatch only when Anti­Shamino rules.


13b) The Rangers become extortionists. Julia is Shamino’s sheriff, and with the other Rangers [creatures/guards] is out to stop any crime which isn’t paid for in advance. Julia sells certificates (scrolls) which allow you to steal for an hour.


When the Rangers are called (due to violence or theft), they demand to see your scroll. If you do not have one, Anti-Shamino sends the Avatar (and his party) into the Mountains of Freedom dungeon (again). Therefore, certificates become very useful.


13c) Unfettered by their Code of Magery due to the new climate of Anarchy, the local mages are experimenting with dangerous powers formerly forbidden to them (the Avatar can purchase higher-level death-type spells, previously unavailable Death Vortex, for instance). Ensorcio is openly experimenting with the forbidden Bloodspawn spells. Gustacio is alarmed by the strange experiments going on. Almost any mage (except Gustacio) will teach the Avatar the Bloodspawn secret (see Mountains of Freedom townplot).


The mages are curious about events elsewhere. They suggest finding an anti-illusion spell to counter Yelinda‘s curse, for instance.


13d) Topo and Ducio, the artisans, can build the Prism for the Avatar (see Monk Isle townplot for more information). However, they desire to be paid for their work.


13e) Andrio the Mageling was trying to master a dangerous new spell, and instead filled the Seminarium with a pack of Headlesses. Freli trails the Avatar while he is in Moonshade, begging him to come rescue Andrio. (Andrio is hiding in a small room with a locked door, and comes out only when the last Headless is killed.)


As a reward for saving Andrio, he gives the Avatar a free spell. Only after this mini-plot is over will Freli confess to his “accident” with Fedabiblio (see below).


13f) Ernesto at the Winery has created a new wine which has bizarre magical effects -- some people pass out, others go into rages, and some stumble along in drunken fits after a single sip.


13g) Filbercio has been deposed and humiliated by Anti-Shamino, and is now the city street sweeper. He will do anything to get his throne back, and is eager to recruit the Avatar as an ally. If the Avatar has the Living Scalp (see Skullcrusher townplot), Filbercio frees him from the curse. As a token of friendship, Filbercio gives the Avatar one of his Serpent Teeth. He suggests that the Avatar acquire the others by raiding the mages’ manor houses.


13h) Mortegro’s manor has turned into a chaotic realm filled with vengeful spirits. Spirits provide information, but also attack the Avatar. Spirits include Blackthorn, Elizabeth, Abraham, Hook, some dead Gargoyles, and Mondain. (We’ll have generic, spooky/blurry spectre-portraits for these conversations.) If the Avatar has the Spectral Orb (see Skullcrusher), he can easily handle the spooks’ attacks. If dispersed, the ghosts first make a good-bye speech and dump their clues.


Even Batlin’s ghost is here. It is clear that Batlin was duped, as the sage himself can explain. “Of course, Chaos Banes can’t be taken through an Order Portal. I was blinded by my own ambition...” or somesuch. He explains that he learned about Soul Prisms from Torrissio of Moonshade. Mortegro is nowhere to be found (see Tolerance townplot).

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