12h) The Avatar has Columna’s moonsilk stockings, or knows where they can be found (he had them at the start of the game). He can give them to Filbercio, Torrissio, Columna, or Melino -- earning the appropriate rewards (this is all plot-optional...).


Filbercio (who desires Columna) offers gold and gems. Actually common stones enchanted to appear valuable. The enchantment fades after a short duration. Torrissio will no longer sell spells to the Avatar.


Torrissio (Columna’s lover) offers a passionate interlude (if the Avatar is female), or a free spell for the Avatar’s spellbook (if male), from the list of spells which Torrissio has (see Spells document), if the Avatar will give him the stockings. If the female Avatar drinks the wine that he offers, she falls asleep and he steals the stockings (if Avatar has them in her inventory).


Columna offers a passionate interlude with the Avatar (if he is male) in return for the stockings then casts a spell to disintegrate the stockings, and gloats at the Avatar’s displeasure. “To think I would desire someone as mundane as you!! Ha!” if the Avatar is female, she asks for mutual understanding and offers a free spell.


Melino (Columna’s husband) will fly into a jealous rage, suspecting how the Avatar acquired the stockings. He throws you out of his house, and will no longer sell spells to you.




13a) When the Banes possess the Companions, Anti-Shamino comes to rule in Moonshade. His very presence spreads Anarchy -- the people refuse to live according to law. Moonshade is a city of disorder, a madhouse, a place where magic is running amok. Garbage lies uncollected in the streets. The citizens are terrified of the “justice” of Lord Shamino (he is inconstant).


Eggs are placed about town, driving the following scenes:


* As the Avatar arrives at the Apothecary shop, Melino accuses Pothos of shortchanging him. Pothos hotly protests his innocence. Julia and Anti-Shamino arrive. Anti-Shamino convicts Pothos and has Pothos spectacularly killed on the spot.


(For the duration of Post-Madness, the Apothecary shop is open for plunder formerly, Pothos kept a close watch on the store.)


* Mosh kills a cat with a Death Vortex. (She can now sell this spell to the Avatar, and remarks how exciting it is in Moonshade now that all the magic restrictions have been lifted.)


* At the Blue Boar Inn, Captain Hawk abruptly dies during conversation. Rocco declares that his drink was poisoned. Anti-Shamino and Julia arrive. Julia questions those present, determines that Hawk’s major enemy was Ensorcio. Ensorcio arrives and arrogantly confesses. Anti-Shamino congratulates him on an execution well-done and makes him Chancellor of Moonshade.


As Magister, it is Fedabiblio’s job to handle inheritances. In his first conversation after the Avatar frees him (see below), Fedabiblio informs the Avatar that Hawk left behind a chest of personal items. (If the Avatar befriended Hawk in Moonshade, the Avatar inherits the key; otherwise, Hawk’s drinking partner Dupre inherits after Anti-Dupre is vanquished. The chest is at the Seminarium.) In the chest is a sextant and the treasure map leading to the Serpent Crown (see Western Forest townplot).

SERPENT ISLE: Moonshade Townplot                                                    MOONSHAD.DOC