10m) Edrin thanks the Avatar for saving him. He explains that it was only his dreams which kept him sane. He tells about the strange fantasy life he has with a dream-maiden named Siranush. He doesn’t know whether she is real or not. (This event allows Siranush to recognize the Avatar as a friend, and she will now talk to him in Gorlab Swamp.) Edrin does not believe his dreams are real, and so refuses to journey to Gorlab Swamp if told about it by the Avatar.


10n) Edrin and Kane continue to live in the Blue Boar Inn, but have nothing more to do in the adventure. If the Avatar returns here after Gorlab is completed, Edrin is sad about never seeing Siranush again he now believes his dreams.




Gustacio possesses a rare artifact the Mirror of Truth. This was once a prized possession of the Lords of Moonshade, but over the years it fell into Gustacio’s hands (reflecting the city’s decline from its former ideals). The Avatar can learn that Gustacio has this item from Gustacio himself, or from Fedabiblio or Filbercio. Others in the city recall that such an item existed, but do not know where it is now (or believe Filbercio has it).


Gustacio will not surrender the item unless the Avatar determines his need (through conversation), and if the Avatar helps him with his experiment (see Gustacio subplot).




12a) The Stefano plot can be performed either pre-Madness Or post-Madness. It is plot-critical, for this is how the Avatar acquires one of the vital blackrock Serpents.


12b) The treacherous Mage Filbercio was trying to blackmail the Lady Columna, with whom he desired to have an affair with. Filbercio paid the bandit Stefano to steal proof from Torrissio’s mansion (Torrissio is her lover, but not her husband). Stefano escaped with her moonsilk stockings. Unfortunately, a Teleport Storm struck soon thereafter -- it changed the stockings into a mysterious object [the Avatar’s Serpent of Order]. Filbercio, who wrongly suspected Stefano of treachery, consigned him to the dungeons beneath the Mountains of Freedom. This is where the Avatar meets Stefano (see Freedom townplot).


12c) The Avatar rescues Stefano from the dungeon, and Stefano comes to live in the Blue Boar Inn.


12d) Columna learns of Stefano’s raid. (Through Flindo Filbercio told Julia about Stefano’s theft, as part of the prelude to a night of debauchery. Flindo bribed Julia and obtained the story, which he sold to Columna.) Columna and Torrissio conspire to have the bandit killed. The Avatar can learn portions of this story by speaking to Flindo or Rocco.


12e) When the Avatar next comes to the Blue Boar Inn, the frightened bandit asks for the Avatar’s aid, promising to grant him a great boon -- he tells him of the magic Serpent that came to him by lightning (the Serpent of Order, which has been hidden away). Stefano refuses to give up the Order Serpent until the hired killer -- the Death Knight has been slain. If the Avatar agrees, a flag is set.


12f) At various times while the Avatar is in Moonshade, the Action Queue causes Stefano to run up to him, followed by the Death Knight and minions. If the Death Knight is slain, his death usecode turns off the Action Queue callbacks and sets a flag. Stefano now tells the Avatar where the Serpent is hidden, and gives him the appropriate keys.


12g) The Serpent is hidden in Stefano’s forest hiding place. The key unlocks the door, and a second key unlocks the chest which contains the Serpent.

SERPENT ISLE: Moonshade Townplot                                                    MOONSHAD.DOC