10f) There are eight levers, matching the eight towers. Pulling the lever activates that tower, causing lightning to strike it. The exact effect depends upon which item is on the tower:


an apple            disappears (teleports, with Teleport sprite)

a helmet            transposes (replaced with a cat)

a fish                 disappears (teleports) to the tower with the helmet/cat cat eats fish, Companion notices and remarks

a pumpkin transmutes changes into a chair!

a cup                 disappears (teleports)

a plate               transposes (replaced with a pine cone)

a shield              disappears

a hoe                 transposes (replaced with a chunk of ice)


10g) After each lightning strike, the Companions ask the Avatar what color the lightning flash was, then argue among themselves about the color. Not until they have seen all three flashes will the Companions agree on the correct colors (the player can also figure this out for himself). The Companions then agree that the machine can be turned off.


10h) If the Machine is turned off AFTER all three colors have been identified, something goes wrong. The Energy Globe explodes (explosion sprite). Lightning strikes all around the Avatar. Iolo disappears, Shamino is struck, and then the Avatar is teleported...


...to the Blue Boar Inn. He must walk back to the tower to rejoin his Companions. Dupre is here, rejoins the Party, and remarks that Shamino is searching the woods for the Avatar and Iolo. He says that the Avatar was transposed for a mug of ale! The Energy Globe is gone, the drawbridges are down, and the stairs door is open.


The Avatar must walk in the woods until he stumbles upon Shamino. Shamino complains that the Storm stole his inventory. (All disposable items in his inventory are missing.) Shortly afterwards, Iolo walks up. He complains that the Storm dumped him into the sea, and he had to swim ashore!


10i) If the Avatar does not know the three colors of Lightning (i.e. if he turned off the Lightning Machine early), Gustacio sends him back to finish the experiment. If the Avatar does not have his Companions, Gustacio sends him to find them. Otherwise...


10j) Gustacio sends the Avatar to Fedabiblio, with a note asking for Fedabiblio’s help. Fedabiblio uses his crystal ball to see in the past, and witness the moment when Edrin disappeared. Gustacio says to notice what color the lightning was. However, the real secret is to witness the moment when Edrin turns into Ale! (The secret is revealed.)


10k) When told the truth about Ale, Gustacio is surprised. He says the secret is to return to the

tower, and arrange for Ale to be hit by Green Lightning (Green = Transmutation). He gives the

Avatar an Energy Globe which glows sickly green, and says that it will attract only Green



The Avatar is given a chance to agree to the experiment. If he resists, Gustacio says that the earlier disaster was a fluke. Kane begs the Avatar to save his brother.


When the Avatar agrees, Gustacio talks to Ale. He tells the bird to meet the Avatar at the tower.


10l) When the Avatar places the Green Globe on the Lightning Machine, Ale flies and lands on one of the towers. Avatar can then turn on the Machine, and activate the tower. The Lightning strikes Ale, changing back to human form Edrin.

SERPENT ISLE: Moonshade Townplot                                                    MOONSHAD.DOC