Moonshade Townplot (MOONSHAD.DOC)

Version 2.4



Designer: Bill Armintrout & Steve Powers

Writer:             Bill Armintrout

Chief TDA:      Steve Powers




First Visit: Avatar comes here looking for Batlin and Gwenno, and also to acquire a spellbook.


Second Visit: The Avatar comes seeking Shamino the Anarch.




First Visit: Avatar helps Pothos get Blood Moss, is rewarded with secret to getting to Mad Mage Isle.  Rotoluncia kidnaps Iolo, Avatar must rescue him. Avatar learns only way to escape Moonshade is by underground passageway, but he must gain secret of the Magic Harp (from Mosh) and Cold Spell (from Frigidazzi, but only by first being thrown into Mountains of Freedom prison). Avatar gains Artifact of Truth (mirror) by aiding Gustacio with experiments, also restores Ale to Edrin.


Second Visit: Frigidazzi and Filbercio help Avatar to surprise Shamino the Anarch in his Palace, and kill him with the Daemon Sword.




First Visit: The Avatar gains spellbook, as well as (hopefully) spells needed in other townplots (namely, Furnace). The Avatar either has the Artifact of Truth, or he can get it at will when he knows that he needs it (for Gorlab Swamp).


Second Visit: The Avatar has a Bane soul in the Daemon Sword, and can bring Shamino’s body to Monk Isle for resurrection.




1) Captain Hawk (see Sleeping Bull townplot) reaches the Isle of Beyond [where Moonshade lies] only after a harrowing voyage, with a close call from the Magic Storms. He refuses to take again to the sea. The ship has a ensorcelment which makes it impossible for any except Hawk to use her.


2) The Avatar has three reasons for journeying here -- the search for Batlin, the search for Gwenno, and in order to obtain a new spellbook.


3) The Avatar can obtain the following information from the stated individuals:


Batlin was very interested in the ancient inhabitants of this land, the Ophidians. [Fedabiblio]

Batlin had a business dealing with Torrissio (gained Soul Prism spell). [Freli]

Batlin had a strange artifact, a Serpent made of Black Rock. [Ducio, Gustacio]

Batlin offered to purchase Serpent Teeth, but nobody would sell. [all the mages, Pothos]



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