Isles of the Mad Mage Townplot (MADMAGE.DOC)

Version 4.3



Designer: Raymond Benson

Writer: Jack Herman

Chief TDA: Steve Powers




On the Isle of Beyond, the sudden retirement of Captain Hawk has left the Avatar with no means to travel to Monk Isle -- which he must do in order to gain a spellbook. The Avatar learns in Moonshade that Erstam the “mad mage” has some method of travel through the Void. After completing a subquest in Moonshade, the Avatar is magically transported on the back of a giant sea turtle (one-way) to Mad Mage Isle.




The Mad Mage insists that there is no spell for Teleportation, but Vasel drops the clues to ask about the Serpent Jawbone. The Mad Mage then sets a task for the Avatar -- to bring him the Phoenix Egg from a nearby dungeon. When the Avatar returns, the Mad Mage uses the egg to create Boyden (a Frankenstein monster). As a reward, the Avatar is told to fetch the Jawbone from the mage’s personal dungeon. Optionally, Boyden can join the Party.




The Avatar now has the Serpent Jawbone (and several Serpent Teeth), allowing him to travel the Dark Path in the Void. This allows the Avatar to reach Monk Isle and obtain his spellbook.  Avatar also possibly gains a new companion, the Frankenstein-like Boyden.




When the Avatar first meets Erstam, the mad mage is experimenting, in his lab, trying to create “life.” Various body parts are squiggling around. While speaking, Erstam will teleport to various areas around the house (still on screen) accompanied by a puff of smoke.


If Erstam perceives that the Avatar is from Britannia (which he most undoubtedly will), he will accuse him of collaborating with the monster “Lord British” and will threaten to turn the Avatar into body parts. He will demand what the Avatar wants with him.


If the Avatar gives the code word given to him by Pothos, Erstam is appeased temporarily.


Erstam will rant and rave about his failing experiments to create life. The mage is in a great hurry to complete his experiments, for he believes that the Teleport Storms might mean the end of the world and he wants to be immortal before then.


The Avatar can ask Erstam about the Teleport Vale objects (see that townplot) in particular, the Hand. In fact, the Avatar’s missing dagger is in this house if he picks it up, the Companions