Carla's Bible Trivia

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Carla's Bible Trivia


   Hi everyone! I pray you had a great week walking with the Lord. Here is this week's Bible Trivia. The answers are at the bottom of the peeking now! Here we go:

1) Who is the only Egyptian queen mentioned in the Bible?

     a) Zeresh
     b) Tahpenes
     c) Jezebel

2) Who planted the first garden?

     a) Adam
     b) Cain
     c) God

3) Who confessed the building of the golden calf?

     a) Moses
     b) Joshua
     c) Aaron

4) What two men saw a chariot of fire drawn by horses of fire?

     a) Elijah and Elisha
     b) Nadab and Abihu
     c) Enoc and Moses

5) What did Peter find with a coin in its mouth?

     a) a sea turtle
     b) a fish
     c) a snake

6) Who did Jesus refer to as a brood of vipers?

     a) the teachers of the law
     b) the Romans
     c) the scribes and Pharisees

7) What ruler was eaten by worms before he died?

     a) Herod
     b) Nebuchadnezzar
     c) Saul

8) Who used a donkey to carry the wood he was using to sacrifice his son?

     a) David
     b) Abraham
     c) Jacob

9) Who outran a team of horses?

     a) Isaiah
     b) Elisha
     c) Elijah

10) What elderly cousin of Mary became the mother of John the Baptist?

     a) Elisabeth
     b) Anna
     c) Abigail

11) Who helped David by hiding two of his messengers in her cistern?

     a) The Bahurim woman
     b) The wise woman of Abel
     c) King Lemuel's mother

12) What apostle was exiled to Patmos?

     a) Peter
     b) John
     c) James


Answers to Bible Trivia


1) b.....Tahpenes.....(1 Kings 11:19)
2) c.....God.....(Genesis 2:8)
3) a.....Moses.....(Exodus 32:31)
4) a.....Elijah and Elisha.....( 2 Kings 2:11)
5) b.....a fish.....(Matthew 17:27)
6) c.....scribes and Pharisees.....( Matthew 23:33)
7) a.....Herod.....( Acts 12:23)
8) b...Abraham.....(Genesis 22:1-3)
9) c.....Elijah.....(1 Kings 18:46)
10) a.....Elisabeth.....(Luke 1:23)
11) a.....The Bahurim woman.....(2 Samuel 17:19)
12) b.....John.....(Revelation1:9)

Your rating:

If you got all 12 right, you're on your way. If you got 7-12 right, you're almost there! If you got 6 or less, you need to study some more.

I pray you had as much fun doing these as I did writing them. May God Bless you with your walk with Him this week.